How To Delete Jollywallet (Removal Procedure)

How To Delete Jollywallet A PUP, or potentially unwanted program, Jollywallet is distributed through infected freeware and shareware bundles, that are downloaded from 3rd parties. Commonly transported in the form browser plug-in, it automatically corrupts all internet browsers and the users are then bombarded with commercials, and pop-up. Its presence not only disrupts work with … Read more

Delete Jollywallet Virus

Delete Jollywallet Virus Jollywallet is an adware, an advertiser supported application, the uses 3rd party freeware and adware installation bundles. Although it can be installed through its official website, its presence in your system can be pretty disruptive. It takes over all the internet browsers and corrupts their extensions. It starts managing all the search … Read more

Uninstall Jollywallet From Firefox

Uninstall Jollywallet From Firefox Jollywallet is a potentially harmful program which is distributed through various 3rd party freeware and shareware software. It can be either be downloaded through the official Jollywallet websites, or through the installation bundle for various freeware programs. Even though Jollywallet is not a virus, it is potentially harmful as it may … Read more

Remove Jollywallet From Chrome

Remove Jollywallet From Chrome You sould remove Jollywallet from chrome immediately as it is an adware. This adware is a malware which is supported by advertisers and promotes websites and links sponsored by these advertisers. Jollywallet can be installed in your system through 2 means. You could either have downloaded it knowingly, through the Jollywallet … Read more

JollyWallet Removal

JollyWallet Removal

How to Remove JollyWallet (Removal instructions)? The JollyWallet removal task may seem an easy one, but it can be tricky. This is an application that promises you to automatically get cash back via displaying relevant offers and coupons when you shop online.  When its toolbar is installed, it will automatically hijack your browser. After that your searches will be … Read more