Uninstall Jollywallet From Firefox


Uninstall Jollywallet From Firefox

Jollywallet is a potentially harmful program which is distributed through various 3rd party freeware and shareware software. It can be either be downloaded through the official Jollywallet websites, or through the installation bundle for various freeware programs.

Even though Jollywallet is not a virus, it is potentially harmful as it may redirect you to various infected or malicious websites that might download other malware that can pose a serious threat to the security of your system and your personal and private information. Jollywallet claims to be a program supported by affiliated marketers and thus shows its users various promotions, and it redirects its users to various promotional websites as such. This may even lead to infected sites since Jollywallet does not check the reliability of the websites it redirects its users to.

The Jollywallet plug-in infects all the browsers in your system. It will collect your search and browsing history and make it available to various advertisers. You will then be redirected to various advertiser sponsored websites whenever you will conduct a search. A Jollywallet toolbar will also be installed in all your browsers. Jollywallet installs in each of your browsers and disrupts work due to all the constant redirects, pop-ups, and sponsored search results.

Choosing the custom or advanced installation settings during installation of 3rd party freeware in your system can ensure that you do not install any unwanted or additional programs other than the ones you downloaded. Default installation settings may cause other unwanted malware programs that may be in the installation bundle to be downloaded and installed without user consent. It is this important to make sure you deselect any other additional programs that the installation bundled may be offering to install.

How to Uninstall Jollywallet

Since Jollywallet infects all the browsers individually, it is important to remove it from all the browsers manually.

The first and main step in this case is to uninstall Jollywallet from your system. This should be done from the Programs and Features tab in the Control Panel in your system. Here you will find a list of all the programs in your system. You will find Jollywallet in this list. Simply uninstall the program from here, and check for any other suspicious looking programs. These could be other adware that could be downloaded during the Jollywallet infection of your system.

You must then remove Jollywallet from Firefox manually. It is fairly simple to do this. All you need to do is Reset the settings in Firefox from the help section. You will find a “troubleshooting information” tab where you will be given the option on resetting the settings on Firefox.

Alternatively you can disable the toolbar manually. You should also remove all the cache, cookies and browsing history from the browser. You should also remove all extensions that Jollywallet may have infected your system with.

Having an updated anti-virus software also helps in making sure you do not visit any malware infected websites, or download any malicious programs.

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