Win.Trojan.Toa-5368540-0 Removal

Win.Trojan.Toa-5368540-0 just keeps coming back and you cannot remove it? The Win.Trojan.Toa-5368540-0 infection is part of the Trojan family. Given the name, that’s hardly surprising. And, being a part of the category, it exhibits all the typical traits. It’s a dangerous and meddling infection. One, which throws you into a world of trouble. So, if […]

How to fix Dnsapi.dll not Found Error

What is Dnsapi.dll Not Found Error? Dnsapi.dll Not Found Error is usually caused by a Trojan. To be more precise, the virus you’re now stuck with is called Win32/Patched.AO. The problem is that a virus has modified an Important Windows Operating System File. For some reason the file has been patched – meaning a malicious code […]

Remove Facebook Notification Virus

Can’t Remove “Facebook Notification” pop-ups? The Facebook Notification Virus is a deceptive pop-up that tries to trick you into installing malware in your computer. If the program causing these fake Notifications was legitimate, we wouldn’t be preparing a removal guide right now. However, you’ll find detailed instructions down below to help you get rid of this. Classified […]

How to Remove ZEUS Trojan Completely

Zeus just keeps popping up and you cannot remove it? Zeus is the name, given to the latest Trojan threat, plaguing web users. It’s a horrendous cyber infection that makes its way into your system via trickery and deceit and then makes a mess. The pesky program throws troubles your way so continuously that it […]

How to Remove Suspicious.Cloud Trojan Horse

Suspicious.Cloud just keeps popping up and you cannot remove it? Suspicious.Cloud is a hazardous family of Trojans that causes severe damages to your system if you let it. Don’t delay deleting this malware! Take immediate action towards its removal! If you don’t, you’ll be stuck with a big, giant mess to clean up. Once the […]

Remove Security Defender PRO 2015 (Removal Instructions)

Should I Remove Security Defender PRO 2015? Security Defender PRO 2015 is a rogue anti-spyware tool, which is a clone of the notorious Malware Defender 2015 and Antivirus Defender 2015 rogues. To put it bluntly, this tool is a fake AV tool that attacks your operating system and does everything in its power to use […]

Remove Antivirus PRO 2015 (Removal Instructions)

 Should I Remove Antivirus PRO 2015? Antivirus PRO 2015 is a new rogue anti-spyware tool that’s plaguing Windows users. In other words, this is a fake AV tool that’s claiming to be the real deal. It enters your system very slyly and subtly, but once it’s in, there’s nothing subtle about it. You will be […]

Remove not-a-virus:AdWare.Win32.Agent

What is Not-a-virus:AdWare.Win32.Agent! Even though not-a-virus:AdWare.Win32.Agent is classified as a potentially unwanted program, it also shares many adware and virus-like traits. For example, one day you turn on your computer and find out that the program has infected your system. How? Well, there are several giveaways, which are sure proof that your system has been invaded […]

Remove Finfisher (FinSpy) Trojan

Be Advised to Remove FinFisher immediately! FinFisher or FinSpy is an interesting piece of software that is deployed by some national government agencies to monitor specific targeted computers. The software is distributed and advertised by Gamma International Company. Nevertheless, the program is legal, its ability to trace certain activities you do, without your knowledge – […]

People Doing Online Banking – Be Advised!!! Beware of Comprovante_Internet_Banking.rtf

Word documents are not to be considered safe anymore.  Brazillian Trojan integrates itself into word documents. The bad guys are using an interesting method to bypass the e-mail filtering techniques by file extension of file type. This method will also allow the malware to integrate its malicious code into a document which will surely fool […]


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