Remove Jollywallet From Chrome

Remove JollyWallet from chrome

Remove Jollywallet From Chrome

You sould remove Jollywallet from chrome immediately as it is an adware. This adware is a malware which is supported by advertisers and promotes websites and links sponsored by these advertisers.

Jollywallet can be installed in your system through 2 means. You could either have downloaded it knowingly, through the Jollywallet official website, in which case its installation was authorised. The other way it could have been installed is through 3rd party freeware bundle. When you download a freeware or a shareware from a 3rd party, possibilities are that the installation bundle for the program could be infected with the malware. If you installed the freeware using the default settings, Jollywallet could have been installed automatically. Thus it is always recommended to use the custom or advanced settings while installing these 3rd party freeware programs. Choosing the custom settings helps you in monitoring the programs that are being installed in your system through the freeware bundle. You can then choose to not install the additional or optional programs that the bundle offers to install for you.

Even though Jollywallet is has various affiliate merchants that it promotes, it does not verify the sites it redirects to. So, chances are that after it installs in your system, it could redirect you to infected websites which may in turn lead to various other malware being installed in your system without user consent.

It must also be noted, that having an active anti-virus software installed in your system at all times can prevent installation of such malware and also, prevent you to visiting infected websites and downloading malware unknowingly.

Jollywallet provides it user with information regarding various promotions, discounts, sales and coupons that its advertising sponsors offer, but its activities can be more disruptive than helpful, considering you will constantly be redirected to ad sponsored websites and pop-ups. This is very annoying and can cause the system to slow down considerably. It may also lead to the internet browsers crashing.

You must remove Jollywallet the moment its presence is noticed in your system.

Remove Jollywallet From Chrome

Removing Jollywallet from the system is fairly easy. The first step is uninstalling the malware from the Control Panel’s Programs & Features tab. Here you will find it in the list of all the programs in your system. Here you must also uninstall any other suspicious programs that you may see. These could be other malware, adware and spyware programs that could have been installed during the Jollywallet infection of your system.

You will then need to manually remove it from Chrome. Jollywallet infects all the browsers in your system individually, and hence, manual removal is necessary.

You will have to open Chrome and delete all extensions in which the Jollywallet extension has been added. You must also disable the Jollywallet toolbar to remove the Jollywallet additional toolbar from the Chrome browser.

The next step in the process is to delete all browsing history and searches. You must also clear all cache and cookies in the browse to completely remove Jollywallet from the system.

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