Delete Jollywallet Virus

delete JollyWallet

Delete Jollywallet Virus

Jollywallet is an adware, an advertiser supported application, the uses 3rd party freeware and adware installation bundles. Although it can be installed through its official website, its presence in your system can be pretty disruptive. It takes over all the internet browsers and corrupts their extensions. It starts managing all the search engines and users are redirected to various advertiser supported websites. Users are also bombarded with pop-ups and commercials.

It affects all browsers through all the operating systems, be it Win XP, 7 or 8, Jollywallet will affect Mozilla, Chrome, and IE equally, and will make the same changes through all of them. This will make all your browsers equally unusable and will disrupt your work with the unwanted advertisement pop-ups and constant redirects to various advertiser supported websites.

Even though Jollywallet is not considered a virus, it has malicious properties which make it a PUP, or potentially unwanted program. It could be that the websites Jollywallet redirects to you are infected or malicious and you may end up downloading other malicious programs. Jollywallet does not necessarily partner with reliable and secure pages, which may increase the risk of data theft and infections of various harmful viruses. This loophole can be exploited by various cyber criminals. There might be malware that will collect your financial and personal information and make it available to its creators.

It may also keep warning you about various missing updates and make you install various other malware such as Yontoo, Incredibar, and FB Photo Zoom.

The maliciousness of Jollywallet should not be looked down upon. You must make sure you have an active and running anti-virus or anti-spyware software installed in your system can help keep any infections away in future. Anti-virus software do not only keep malware and adware infections at bay, but also keep you warned when you happen to visit any malicious or infected websites.

Jollywallet Removal Instructions

The primary and most important step in deleting Jollywallet from your system is to first remove it from the Programs and Features tab in the Control Panel of your system. Here you find the list of all the programs in your system. You must uninstall Jollywallet from here. Also, you must remove any other suspicious programs you see here. These could be other programs that your system may have gotten infected with through infected websites that you may have visited through Jollywallet.

The next step in disinfecting your system is by manually removing the Jollywallet plug-in and toolbar from all the internet browsers in your system. This will need to be done as it will lead to complete removal of the program from your system. You must disable the Jollywallet toolbar, and delete the Jollywallet extension from all the browsers.

The next step is to clear all the cookies, cache and browsing history in each of the browsers.

All these steps will ensure complete removal of the Jollywallet malware from your system and will prevent any chances of relapse of the malware.

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