Jollywallet Removal Guide

JollyWallet Removal

How to Uninstall JollyWallet – Removal Guide

Jollywallet removal can be difficult as this parasite is classified as PUP, and the most common form in which it spreads is through browser plug-ins. It gets installed along with a bundle of other freeware and 3rd party shareware programs. It affects all browsers and as a result the user is bombarded with numerous commercial pop-ups when they visit e-commerce websites such as Walmart, Amazon and eBay. Behind the facade of notifying internet users about latest promotions, discounts and sales, and coupons, it also notifies the user about missing programs and deceptively gets programs like Yontoo, Incredibar, FB Photo Zoom and other adware installed. You may not notice it at first, and will realize it later when the system starts slowing down and browsing speed decreases. Jollywallet, has links to 3rd party sites which track, collects and sells user’s online activity details and private information. Through all of this, Jollywallet generates web traffic and collects leads for sales for other suspicious sites. Even though Jollywallet is not a virus, it has particularly malicious behavior making it a completely unwanted program. If you find all these pop-ups annoying or realize that Jollywallet was installed without your consent or permission, uninstalling the program is the best solution.


The most common method Jollywallet is installed in your system is by hooking up in freeware program bundles. Installation processes have optional download options that can be unchecked while installing 3rd party software programs on your system if you opt for a custom installation. Default installation will not allow you to so and will automatically install any malicious software you could have avoided by going through the custom or advanced installation. If you notice a Jollywallet plug-in or toolbar on your browser, be assured that you have been infected and need to run uninstall and removal procedures immediately.


You will need to first uninstall Jollywallet from the Programs and Features tab in Control Panel. Uninstalling any other suspicious program is an added bonus and will definitely rid your system of other potential or active malwares. You can find programs like LyricsXeeker, Lyricsfab, Simplelyrics, Downloadkepper, surfenhance etc. in the list of programs here and uninstall them promptly to ensure no further damage is done. 

You will also need to manually remove the extension to your browser shortcuts by right clicking on the browser icons and deleting the Jollywallet extension in the shortcut tab in the browser properties. You will then need to manually reset the homepage, default search engines and toolbars on all your browsers. Make sure no Jollywallet extensions or toolbars are active now, or you might have to check on the success of the Control Panel uninstall. You might also have to remove other suspicious extensions from all of your browsers to ensure your system is completely rid of Jollywallet and any related malware. Installing antivirus software will be great help in reducing chances of any malicious adware or malware being downloaded individually, or through 3rd party freeware bundles. In the below video you can learn how to remove Jollywallet from your system:

Printable step by step guide is available at Jollywallet Removal Guide

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