Washington Post Website Slow Due to Hackers Attack

The Washington Post’s website sustained third attack in the past three years, usernames and passwords were stolen and the IT specialist still evaluate the extend of the damage. However, there is still no evidence that essential information such as credit card data or home addresses has been compromised. According to this the hackers breached the servers and accessed … Read more

How to remove aartemis.com removal guide

How to Remove aartemis.com? You should remove Aartemis.com hijacker immediately. It may seem like a regular search engine, but it is not. This is a malicious program that will modify your browser settings to infect your computer. It is the so called browser hijacker virus that manipulates Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. The … Read more

Is Chrome Hijacker easy to be fixed?

Remove qvo6 virus from Google Chrome If you accidently installed a program that changed you homepage to qvo6.com, then you should know the following. This is a pesky search engine that is distributed and promoted via shady techniques. It belongs to a software developed by PortaldoSites.com. The installer is even digitally signed by “Banyan Tree … Read more