Steam Servers Down due to Hackers Attack

Several reports were received that Steam Servers are Down. If you have problems connecting to servers for Counter Strike or Battlefield 4  right now you should not be able because the hacking group Derp Trolling  DDoS the game servers using “Gaben’s Laser Beam” to shut them down.steam server down

The multiplayer game community suffers because the servers are centralized and when you try to connect to a server that is under  DDoS attack it is more than likely to have problems or cannot connect at all. There is no clear indication why the Derp Trolling is shutting down those games – may be a pissed off gamer or something else.

It also appears that the game Minecraft is their next target and you might have problems to play this game as well.

There is no indication of planned maintenance from Steam’s Twitter page to notify gamers that the Steam Servers will be Down.

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