Dogecoin virtual currency has suffered its first hack.

The Dogecoin is a copycat currency of the Bitcoin currency. It is not as valuable as the original, but it got some traction and people actually began to use it. However, the Dogecoin virtual currency has suffered its first hack and 21,000,000 Dogecoins worth approximately $12,800 were stolen. So far it is known that the hackers gained access to the file system and made some changes so that money are redirected to the hacker’s virtual account. Dogewallet, announced that they will refund all the lost coins. The Dogewallet service was shut down after the attack.


One of the things pushed Dogecoin to become popular is that the mining is easier compared to mining of Bitcoins. Dogecoin also has 85% of the available coins unmined and that is why it became so lucrative.

Nevertheless, the damage has been made and they will for sure loose some trustworthiness.

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