NSA Building a Quantum Computer. “Penetrating Hard Targets” & “Owning the Net” are the Names of the New Projects

The National Security Agency (NSA) is trying to invent a Quantum Computer that should crack any contemporary encryption algorithm including 4,096-bit RSA. The budget of $80 are invested in a program called “Penetrating Hard Targets” and “Owning the Net”quantum computer

Based on the paperwork provided by Edward Snowden a former contractor of NSA , a significant scientific power will be redirected to a project called “OWNING THE NET” which will provide the technological means for NSA/CSS to access important encrypted communications. The research will be fulfilled in the Laboratory for Telecommunications Sciences in College Park, MD. The goal is to continue research of the quantum technology to invent Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) attacks and assess the security of new QKD system designs. A quantum computer “would crack the strongest encryption in seconds, compared to a contemporary computer that would take years to crack the same algorithm. This will include protection algorithms used by banks, governments, or any other business that requires a transmission of sensitive data.

The race to build build a quantum computer is gaining speed! May be it is time to start thinking about quantum cryptography.

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