Remove CryptoFortress and Restore the Encrypted Files

How to Remove CryptoFortress Ransomware? CryptoFortress is the newest ransomware infection that infiltrate your PC and encrypt all the existing files. If you have heard about TorrentLocker, you should know that CryptoFortress is an exact copy of it. As a typical ransomware infection, CryptoFortress will block the access to all your files and programs, and … Read more

Remove Cryptolocker-v3 and Restore the Encrypted Files

How to Remove Cryptolocker-v3 Ransomware? Cryptolocker-v3 Ransomware also known as Teslacrypt is the next generation of ransomware family. Although it is said to have safely encrypted the files on your PC, you should know that there is nothing safe about Cryptolocker-v3. It is a malicious ransomware infection that will cause you serious problems. The main … Read more

Remove CryptoWall Ransomware (Complete Removal)

How to remove CryptoWall Ransomware? CryptoWall is another nasty ransomware infection that will manifest itself by encrypting all the files on your PC and denying you access to any of your programs. You will know that it is this infection that has infiltrated your system because it will display a message where its name is … Read more

Remove CryptoTorLocker 2015

How to remove CryptoTorLocker2015 Ransomware? CryptoTorLocker2015 is a ransomware infection that will encrypt all the files on your PC once it gains access to it. This infection is very dangerous because it may not only destroy all the data on your system, but it is able to perform malicious activities that will cause further damage. … Read more

Remove Cryptolocker 2015

If you are seeing “Your important files strong encryption” message – don’t panic! If all of your computer data has been encrypted and all you find is a message from CryptoTorLocker2015 demanding ransom for their decryption, you’re dealing with a ransomware program. CryptoTorLocker2015 is a brand new ransomware tool, which belongs to the Encryptor Category … Read more

Remove Threat Finder and Decrypt the Encrypted Files

  If you are seeing “Warning! Your Personal Files are Encrypted” message – don’t panic! Threat Finder is a malicious ransomware. After it infects your computer, it acts like the typical kidnapper. It takes charge of your computer and encrypts all of your files – photos, documents, pictures, videos, music, everything. After the encryption is … Read more

CTB Locker (Critoni) Ransomware Removal

If you are seeing “Your personal files are encrypted” message – you are infected with CTB Locker (Critoni) Ransomware! CTB Locker is an infection you do not want to find on your computer. Ever. It is classified as ransomware and is part of the Crypto Ransomware family. CTB Locker jeopardizes all the files you have … Read more