Remove Cryptolocker-v3 and Restore the Encrypted Files

remove cryptolocker-v3

How to Remove Cryptolocker-v3 Ransomware?

Cryptolocker-v3 Ransomware also known as Teslacrypt is the next generation of ransomware family. Although it is said to have safely encrypted the files on your PC, you should know that there is nothing safe about Cryptolocker-v3. It is a malicious ransomware infection that will cause you serious problems. The main inconvenience related to such infections is the locked screen and blocked files and programs. Also, they are classified as ransomware because they require you to pay a certain amount of money in order to get your files back. This is supposed to happen by purchasing a private key that will decrypt your files. You better not agree to do that because you are more likely to suffer rather than benefit from it. We strongly recommend that you delete Cryptolocker-v3 as soon as you notice its presence on your PC.

How did I get infected with?

We cannot tell for certain how Cryptolocker-v3 manages to infiltrate your PC, but what we know for sure is that the most common distribution method such infections employ is through spam emails. You might have noticed emails in your spam folder from unknown senders containing attachments and in their subject line it usually says that the matter is urgent. It is also possible that it will be stated that you win some prize or that the email contains important documents. Do not believe any of this and stay away from such emails because they only spread infections. You should remember to be extremely careful when you surf the web because infections are practically everywhere. If your system is not properly protected, make sure you do not enter dubious websites, open spam emails and click on random ads.

Why is Cryptolocker-v3 dangerous?

Having a ransomware infection on your PC is surely one of the most unpleasant things that may happen to any computer user. The encrypted files and the denied access to your system will frustrate you and might even agitate you. In this case you should take time to think so that you do not make wrong decisions such as spending money on the offered private key. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that you will be able to decrypt your files without the key. However, if you do some research, you might find an alternative decryption method, so do not lose hope. Still, the best thing you could do is prevent similar issues by regularly backing up your files. What you can and have to do now is permanently delete Cryptolocker-v3 to avoid problems with it in future.

CryptoLocker-v3 Removal Instructions

STEP 1: Start Your Computer into Safe Mode with Networking

  • Make sure you do not have any floppy disks, CDs, and DVDs inserted in your computer
  • Restart the computer
  • When you see a table, start tapping the F8 key every second until you enter the Advanced Boot Options

kbd F8

  • in the Advanced Boot Options screen, use the arrow keys to highlight Safe Mode with Networking , and then press ENTER.


  • Once the operating system loads press simultaneously the Windows Logo Button and the R key.


  • A dialog box should open. Type iexplore


  • Internet Explorer will open and a professional scanner will prompt to be downloaded
  • Run the installer
  • Follow the instruction and use the professional malware removal tool to detect the files of the virus.
  • After performing a full scan you will be asked to register the software. You can do that or perform a manual removal.

Remove Cryptolocker-v3 Manually

Open your task Manager by pressing CTRL+SHIFT+ESC keys simultaneously

Locate the process of teslacrypt. Have in mind that this is usually a random generated file.

Before you kill the process, type the name on a text document for later reference.


Navigate to your %appdata% folder and delete the executable.

You can alternatively use your msconfig windows program to double check the execution point of the virus. Please, have in mind that the names in your machine might be different as they might be generated randomly, that’s why you run the professional scanner to identify the files.

It is always a good idea to use a reputable anti-malware program after manual removal, to prevent this from happening again.

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