Removing Awesomehp From Your Browsers Immediately

Removing awesomehp browser hijacker is essential, because this software is classified as a PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program). Installed without user consent, it hijacks browsers, modifies browser settings, sometimes changing DNS settings, Firewall settings, registry files and browser homepage and search engine options. You will be redirected to every time you open a new tab or conduct a search. Irritating ads will keep popping up throughout the time you browse the internet. The malware will also lead to slower browsing speeds and computer performance. Automatic, unfamiliar add-ons will also be installed without your consent. Since no consent or permissions are required to install these programs, they will remain undetected till you actually notice them.

removing awesomehp

This adware affects all operating systems: Windows 8, XP, and 7.

“supWPM” is the software responsible for installing this malware on your system. Besides the Awesomehp software, it also creates a service named Wpm.

Although Awesomehp is not a virus, it is a pretty annoying when all your internet settings are changed without your consent and you are redirected to adverts all the time.

How Does Awesomehp Infected My System?

Awesomehp usually comes in bundles of other spyware and adware which contain various Trojans or rootkits, or may have been installed when you download 3rd party freeware or software packages. If you installed a freeware and went through the default installation, chances are you did not uncheck the check box for installing Awesomehp on your system. Always choose custom install when installing any software. It will keep unwanted add-ons like Awesomehp from being installed in your system.

Removing Awesomehp Instructions

Even though Awesomehp is only a browser hijacker, it poses potential threats to the safety and integrity of your system. The removal and uninstall of this software is exhaustive and can be frustrating considering there are a lot of files that you need to remove manually.

The first step of removing awesomehp is uninstalling the software and any suspicious programs from the “Programs and Features” tab in the Control Panel. Programs like Browser defender, browser protect, browser protect by conduit, delta search , Babylon, webcake 3.0, yealt, lyricscontainer, addlyrics, pricepeep today etc. need to be uninstalled too. This is the bundle of potentially unwanted programs in your system, and keeping them will definitely slow down and harm your system. You may find the files as “WPM” in the list of programs on your system.

You will then need to manually reset all your browsers, setting the default homepage, search engine, and removing the toolbar that awesomehp installed. Your browsing history, all cookies and cache will also need to be deleted and reset, to remove all unwanted, malicious software at bay. Removing Awesomehp is not possible if there are extensions corrupting all your browsers and thus it has to be removed manually or removing awesomehp will fail. You need to right click on the browser icons, click on Properties and remove the extension “” from the browser shortcut target. This is important in ensuring awesomehp is completely removed from the system.

Keeping an updated active anti-virus installed in your system will also prevent any malicious software from being installed in your PC.


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