Mysearchdial Removal Guide

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Mysearchdial Removal Guide

MySearchDial removal is highly recommended. This parasite classified as a browser hijacking software and a PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program), it is downloaded and installed in your system without your consent. Even though MySearchDial is not termed a virus, its presence in your system can be very annoying and hinder your user interface and internet browsing experience. It will change your default search engine settings and the preferred home page on all your browsers. Your default search engine will be and you will be redirected to adverts and sponsored links every time you attempt to conduct an internet search. This malware/ adware is particularly useful for advertisers, and cyber criminals who attempt to gather user information without consent and then bombard them with unwanted adverts, and sell information to 3rd parties without user knowledge.

MySearchDial will also block particular programs such as anti-virus and anti-spyware programs, and will block any attempts to change the browser settings that it has hijacked and changed.

It is important to uninstall MySearchDial as soon you notice its presence, as keeping in your system may increase chances of other potentially harmful malware being stealthily installed in your system, without your knowledge and consent. Since it is all stealth installation, you will not even notice their presence till major damage has been caused to your system and private information.


MySearchDial is installed when installing and downloading 3rd party freeware programs that are available on various sites, such as CNET, Softonic or Brothersoft. Please note that not all the programs available on these sites contain this malware or have bundled malware in the installation files, but you need to make sure you choose customized installations and not the default installations to ensure you’re not unknowingly giving permission to installing PUPs, including MySearchDial.

You will also notice a mysearchdial toolbar on all your browsers exhibiting various advertisements and sponsored links, discounts, etc. which will hinder with your internet browsing experience. Your browser homepage will be changed to and your default search engine will be changed to

When installing 3rd party freeware on your system, choosing custom installation settings allows you to deselect any unfamiliar, unwanted “free” or “additional” downloads, that you may not want to install.


MySearchDial’s presence in your system will go undetected for sometime if you do not consciously notice the toolbar or if your default search engine was Yahoo!. But it is advisable to uninstall it the moment you realize your system has been infected.

The easiest way to get that done is removing it from the Programs and Features tab in your Control Panel. Search for and uninstall MYSEARCHDIAL here. You can alternatively search for Mindspark Interactive Network in the Publisher column.

You will then need to manually reset your browser settings to your personalized settings on each of your browsers, individually. You will also need disable the mysearchdial toolbar and remove it from the browsers for a much smoother browsing experience.

An active anti-virus software will ensure all malware, spyware, adware and virus threats are kept at bay in future.

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