Remove ShopperFriend Ads


How to Remove ShopperFriend Ads?

ShopperFriend is an adware, and is considered to be a very nasty program which creates havoc when you are browsing on the internet by showing you continuous pop up advertisements and alerts which contain commercial content. The reason why many security experts have included this application under the “adware” category, is also because it infiltrates the computer system along with some other programs without any permission from the user and then generates revenue for the developers by promoting numerous advertisements.

 How does ShopperFriend work? 

ShopperFriend often works stealthily, under the cover of many known software programs being installed in a computer. Then it works over all the programs one by one, especially the browsers. It makes sure you get multiple ad pop ups whenever you try and use the browser, and hence promote many advertisements for many websites.

How did I get Infected with ShopperFriend? 

There are two different methods used by ShopperFriend to enter a user’s computer system. The first path is through the official website of ShopperFriend. For it to enter through this method, you will need to somehow visit its website and use the ‘download’ option yourself. This is an intentionally installed method for ShopperFriend. The other method is an unintentional one, where you won’t realize that ShopperFriend was bundled with shareware and freeware and has infiltrated your computer. Even if there is a particular program it has used to get into the computer, that doesn’t mean that only that program will get affected. It will go through all the other programs and browsers on your computer and affect them. This will result in numerous advertisements continuously popping on your browsers even when you are trying to do your usual normal work or search.

Why is ShopperFriend dangerous? 

ShopperFriend is often used by developers for comparing product prices out there in the market. When a user visits different websites such as eBay, Amazon, etc., this target is achieved. However, it is also used to track the actions and work method of the users. This helps in collecting the data about the user’s browsing habits. Even some privacy related issues may arise when during such tracking your personal information and financial information is revealed.

How to Remove ShopperFriend Ads?

ShopperFriend usually depends on shareware and freeware when it wants to infiltrate PCs. As explained earlier, it can either be downloaded manually from its official website, or you have downloaded and installed it from another program absolutely unknowingly. And in this case, the continuous ad pop-ups and different search pathways are unexpected and even annoying. And if you don’t want further back doors to be opened for Trojans or other viruses, and lose out on secured information, you should remove ShopperFriend immediately from your computer. It should also be removed from your browser extensions to change back to your original normal homepage or search engine if there were alterations made by ShopperFriend. Scanning with a professional antimalware tool will clean the nasty pest really fast.


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