Remove Payeer Virus (Complete Removal)

remove payeer virus

Payeer Removal Instructions (Windows Security) fake pop-up

Payeer Virus is simple scareware rogue infection. Other names of this particular parasite are  Windows Security Virus or Defru Virus. Once you got infected with the payeer virus your computer will be crippled significantly. Your security will be compromised as well. Some major internet websites like,,,, and many more sites will be blocked. If you try to visit them, you will be presented a fake warning that your PC has been infected. Most computer users who find out the certain sites are blocked will immediately think that they actually need to delete the presented solution. If you try to use the fake scanner, you will probably download more malicious files into your system and thus make it even harder to be cleaned. The only thing, you should know, is that actually the infection is displaying these messages. p. You should not trust these warnings even for a second.


The malware that is displayed by the Payeer antivirus actually do not exist. The only thing you need to worry is to remove Payeer as soon as possible. However, if you are not experienced computer user, it is recommended to utilize any professional removal tool. If you want to try to remove Payeer manually here is what you need to do:

Remove Payeer Manually:

  • Navigate to %APPDATA% folder and delete the file w1ndows_xxxx.exe (where xxxx are random characters)
  • Open Regedit, navigate to:
  • HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run
  • and Remove the startup entry.

Clean the Hosts File:

  • Navigate to Local Disk (C:)
  • Go the the  Windows folder and enter the System32 folder.
  • Navigate to Drivers and Then to the ETC folder.
  • Open Notepad as administrator to modify the hosts file.
  • Delete all entries but
  • # localhost
  • # ::1 localhost.
  • Save the changes and exit Notepad.

Open your Internet Browser and find any professional removal tool to kill the virus.


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