Remove homepage hijacker (Permanent Removal)


Your Homepage just changed to and you cannot remove it? is a PUA, or Potentially Unwanted Application downloaded in user systems through malicious means. It poses high threat to data security and personal information. It is highly recommended that the adware be removed as soon as it is discovered in the system.

How did I get infected with is most commonly distributed through infected installation bundles for various 3rd party freeware and shareware. Installation bundles for particularly useful programs are infected with malware such as and distributed on freeware sharing sites. When users install these programs using the default installation settings, the malware gets installed automatically without any separate permissions. Therefore, choosing to install using the custom or advanced installation settings is always recommended as it allows you to monitor each step of the installation process. You can keep a check on the programs that are being installed through the bundle. You can uncheck the approval boxes for the unwanted programs and avoid any malware infections. can also be automatically installed from infected websites. Opening these infected websites triggers the installation of this malware. Alternatively, it could have been downloaded by another malware in your system.

Is Dangerous? is a major browser hijacking malware. It will change the settings on each of your browsers and will lock them in using a lock file. This will prevent you from making any further changes or reverting to the ones of your choice. It will set your default home page and search engine as It also tracks all of your search history, internet usage habits, etc and makes this information available to advertisers.

It will also redirect you to advertiser sponsored websites and links every time you conduct a search on the default search engine. You will also be shown sponsored links as the most relevant results to your searches.’s default search engine is a mimic and a pseudo search engine that can disrupt work and cause immense annoyance with the constant redirects to useless websites and links.

How to Uninstall

The malware must first be removed from the Programs & Features tab in the Control Panel. This will remove the main root of the malware. Here in the list of all the programs in your system, look for any other potentially malicious programs that you did not authorize and uninstall them. These could have been automatically installed by searchalgo. You will then have to manually reset the default search engine and homepage in your browsers, delete the searchalgo extensions from browsers and browser shortcuts on your desktop, and delete all cache, cookies and search history details. You must complete the removal by disabling the any toolbar associated with from the browsers.

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