Remove Virus from Safari

Can’t Remove from my Safari? This page includes detailed instructions on removal from Mac! is a Safari browser hijacker with the ability to automatically redirect websites and irritating popups. hijacker goal is to drive traffic to specific websites. The respective owners then receive dividends from user visits. However, his behavior is very annoying and disturbing. Most people notice that something is wrong with their Mac once replaces the home page of their current browser (including Safari, Chrome, Firefox, etc.).
This may seem like a serious problem. Even so, it’s possible that its attending on your Mac blocking all other search engine services that you may prefer to use. You may be wondering how you could have it removed?


How did I get infected with? virus is in fact a browser extension that modifies Safari or other Mac browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Opera etc., to promote certain websites making them automatically appear inside the browser.
The unpleasant software can redirect users to unsafe websites with aggressive advertising. It is generally advised not to leave such software in your Mac. Some of the redirect links and ads that this software may display can lead you to phishing sites. In other cases these pages can contain dangerous malware like viruses, Trojans, ransomware, etc.

Why is this dangerous? can take control of the most popular Mac browsers. In Safari the settings are changed and page redirects are activated. Each of these changes helps unwanted software aggressively push content and tailor its behavior to users’ individual preferences while browsing the Internet. Thus you can end up with some third party software applications , which are not reliable. Your Mac may start crashing and hanging.  That is why it is advisable to remove the hijacker as soon as possible.

How to Remove

Mac browser hijackers such as may add unwanted browser extensions to the browser. First we need to restore the browser setting modified by the hijacker. However, this will clear most of your customizations along with the web surfing history. Here are some instructions for that:

Remove from Safari

  • Open Safari
  • Go to the browser’s Extensions list

remove from Safari

  • Carefully review all extensions and remove these that you do not use.
  • Click on the Safari menu, select Preferences, and then click on Privacy.

  • Click on manage Website data and Remove All

  • Next, go back to Preferences and click on the first tab called General. General Tab in Safari

  • Take a look at the Homepage section. If the URL that is written there is not the one you want, remove and change it to your preferred homepage address.

One last thing that you may do is to click on the History menu of Safari and select Clear History. This will delete all the information about visited sites, including those related to

Remove from Firefox

  • Open Firefox ->go to Extensions. Carefully review the list, search for and delete suspicious extensions that could be potentially related to it.

remove from Firefox

Refresh the browser settings for more complete result

Remove from Chrome

  • Open Chrome
  • Click on the top right three-dots icon. From the menu -> Select More Tools
  • Click on Extensions
  • Search for add-ons that might be related to and click on Remove icon to delete them from browser

remove from Chrome

At last, refresh the Chrome settings and make sure that nothing has been left from

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