Eazel Toolbar Removal Instructions

eazel toolbar removal

Eazel Toolbar Removal Instructions

Eazel toolbar is a browser hijacker which changes your default homepage to search.conduit.com and even resets your default search engine to Eazel customized web search. It infests your computer through free downloads and is very difficult to remove. Once installed, it adds the Eazel community toolbar which redirects your browsing sessions to its own homepage. It is a community toolbar by Conduit LLD. Eazel toolbar along with en.eazel.com promotes advertisements by hijacking web browsers like Google chrome, Internet explorer and Mozilla Firefox. Eazel Toolbar comes in multilingual versions like Eazel Toolbar DE in German, Eazel Toolbar US in English, Eazel Toolbar FR in French etc.

How does Eazel Toolbar Intrude into My Computer?

After you have installed some freeware software like video recording or streaming, PDF creators or download managers, Eazel Toolbar is also bundled along with it into their installation as a browser hijacker. Eazel toolbar is sometimes also bundled within the custom installer on certain download sites like Softonic and Brothersoft. When you download software from these websites, during the setup process of the software, Eazel toolbar also gets installed in your computer.

For instance, Installation of DivX Player will lead to change in your browser homepage to search.conduit.com and sets your default search engine to Eazel Customized Web Search along with installing the Eazel Toolbar. Even if you manage to remove DivX player from your system, the default settings of your web browser will not be restored. You have to essentially remove Eazel toolbar manually from your web browsers.

What does Eazel toolbar do?

The Eazel customized web search browser hijacker will display a lot of advertisements and sponsored links in your search results. Whenever you type any search query in your browser, it collects this information and keeps a track on it. Related advertisements are displayed as a way to boost revenue from advertisements, similar to the concept of Blackhat SEO, which improves the page ranking of the web site in search results.

Why is Eazel toolbar so dangerous to PCs?

Eazel toolbar is considered to be malicious because it exhibits rootkit capabilities which have the potential to hook deep into the operating system of the computer. It hijacks the browser and interferes with the browsing sessions of the user. It is categorized as a potentially unwanted program or “PUP”. It is basically an ads-promoter that displays extra advertisements and promotes its sponsored links and websites to improve its ranking using blackhat SEO methodology. It sneaks into your computer and disrupts its smooth functioning. Your privacy gets compromised and there will be a flood of unwanted advertisements which will be mixed with actual search results and it gets deeply ingrained in your web browser.

How to Remove Eazel Toolbar from my PC?

To remove Eazel Toolbar from your web browsers like Internet Explorer, Google chrome and Mozilla Firefox, first of all, uninstall Eazel Toolbar programs from your computer. Next step is to remove Eazel toolbar from your web browser. Remove it with anti-malware application and double check your computer for Eazel Toolbar infection with appropriate virus removal tools. Remove key leftovers of eazel toolbar and maintain the system performance.

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