Uninstall Plus HD from Chrome

uninstall plus hd

Uninstall Plus HD from Chrome

Plus HD is a potentially unwanted program, created by developers to promote advertisement, generate web traffic on different sites, and collect sales information for various fishy sites. Given the amount of hassles caused by this adware, and the potential risks it poses, this is something you would definitely not like to have in your Chrome.

How is Plus HD transferred to your Chrome?

This malware gets transferred into your computer through different programs or software that you seek online and download or install on your computer. It is placed very strategically under different platforms and may be concealed under an advertisement or an additional search or even just a pop up. What seem as totally harmless and just some extra windows on the background while you are enjoying your favourite website or videos, these may enter your computer with just a random click. And just as you install or download the program you want, these get installed unseen as well.

Such optional installs are always there in the free software programs, so you must stay aware of what is being installed (keep an eye on the check boxes). Custom install is always recommended as the installer will take the user through all the check boxes mandatorily.

What does Plus HD do to Chrome?

At an initial stage, there won’t be any apparent indications so that you have an idea what has been installed on your computer. However, there sure are some minute differences between your usual Chrome experiences compared to your experience with this malware attached to it. For example, some words on your usual websites may appear highlighted now. These words are hyperlinked, and as soon as your cursor moves over these words, different ads pop up on your web page blocking your usual access. These pages are unintentionally accessed by you and many others which increases the traffic on that page, generating a huge revenue for the developer who created that page or website. A very clear difference between these hyperlinks and the other usual ones is that these hyperlinks have double underlines instead of the usual single underline for the general hyperlinks.

How is Plus HD dangerous to your Chrome?

The prime effect Plus HD has on your computer is hampering its memory and speed. Apart from that, it is a continuous hassle for you while you operate, and your personal as well as financial data is also endangered. Your choices of products, websites, social sites, etc. all becomes known to the developer. There is no personal space for you, as well as people associated with you through your computer and internet. If you access your professional data through your computer, your company’s information is also accessible to them, hampering your job and company’s security as a result.

How to remove Plus HD from Chrome?

Plus HD can be downloaded accidently, affecting the day to day use of your computer. Immediate steps should be taken to remove it from your computer as soon as possible to prevent maximum damage.

uninstall plus hd from chrome

First, you need to open your Google Chrome browser, then go to Settings. Click on Extensions tab and remove plus hd extension by clicking on the little recycle bin on the right. Restart your browser and Plus HD parasite will be no more.

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