Remove Paas File Virus and Decrypt .paas files

remove paas ransomware

How to Remove .Paas File Extension Ransomware? The Paas file virus falls under the ransomware umbrella. The dreaded infection makes its way into your PC and wreaks havoc. It encrypts every single file you keep on your computer. Then the people behind the ransomware demand you pay them a ransom if you want to get … Read more

How to Remove Mppq File Ransomware (+recover files)

How to Remove .Mppq File Extension Ransomware? The Mppq file virus belongs to the DJVU ransomware family. The infection invades your PC via stealth and deception, then locks all the data you have. The malware adds a “.Mppq”  extension to everything. An image called “1.jpg” turns into “1.jpg.Mppq” and can no longer get accessed. Once … Read more

Pahad File Ransomware Removal (+files recovery)

How to Remove .Pahad File Extension Ransomware? Pahad File Virus is a ransomware threat from the STOP/DJVU family. The infection is malicious and dangerous, and the people who unleashed it on you are untrustworthy. The Pahad ransomware infiltrates your system undetected, then proceeds to use AES encryption to lock the data you keep on your … Read more