Fake Google Antivirus Alert (SCAM)

Can’t Remove Google Antivirus Alert pop-ups? Fake Google Antivirus Alert is caused by a parasite. An adware-type virus or a PUP (potentially unwanted program), to be more specific. The good news is that you’ve come across a relatively easy to remove infection. However, the silver lining is pretty much ending here. You should never keep … Read more

Remove “Virus Alert – Warning” Pop-up Ads

Can’t Remove “Virus Alert – Warning” pop-ups? There’s nothing even remotely trustworthy about the “Virus Alert – Warning” pop-up ads. Did you think those warnings were real? You thought wrong. The only reason you’re now seeing them is because hackers want you to. When you stumble across the “Virus Alert – Warning” pop-ups, you should … Read more

Remove Microsoft Virus Warning Pop-Up

Can’t Remove Microsoft Virus Warning pop-ups? The “Microsoft Virus Warning” is bad news. Not because of the scary statements it displays. Oh, no. They’re all fake. Don’t buy it. It’s because of what lurks behind these warnings. There is a malicious cyber threat, known as scamware on your computer. Oh, yes. The harmful tool managed … Read more

SCAM! – A Suspicious Connection Was Trying to Access Your Logins

Can’t Remove A Suspicious Connection Was Trying to Access Your Logins pop-ups? If you are suddenly bombarded with an endless array of pop-up messages, claiming ‘A Suspicious Connection Was Trying to Access Your Logins,’ you are in trouble. The message’s appearance is clearly indicative of the presence of malware. Oh, yes. There is a malicious … Read more