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Suddenly took over your homepage and you cannot remove it. is a browser hijacker. This in extremely malicious, intrusive, not to mention, damaging tool. It uses trickery and finesse in order to slither its way into your system. And, even though, it infects your computer quite subtly, once it’s in, there’s nothing subtle about it. After infiltration, the hijacker proceeds to wreak all sorts of havoc. The first thing you’ll notice that’s different in case of infection is the fact that your default search engine and homepage have been switched to But don’t think the changes stop there. Oh, no. That’s just the beginning. That’s because after the tool sneaks in, it’s no longer bound to ask for your permission before implementing changes. That’s right. It can do whatever it wants to do, whenever it feels like doing it. You’ll just have to accept that. So, either get used to seeing changes you have no memory of approving or get rid of as soon as you first become aware of its presence. The sooner you get rid of the hijacker, the better!


How did I get infected with? resorts to the old but gold methods of invasion in order to gain access to your system. The tool is so masterful at deceit and slyness that it not only manages to get you to agree to its installation, but also keeps you oblivious to the fact that you did. Yes, you have no idea that you permitted the install of a malevolent, hazardous tool until it decides to reveal itself. Until then, you’re clueless. More often than not, the hijacker hitches a ride with freeware or hides behind spam email attachments, corrupted links, or websites. However, its most preferred way of infiltration is to pose as a bogus system or program update. For example, while you may be utterly convinced that you’re updating your Java or Adobe Flash Player, in reality, you’re installing So, unless you wish to accidentally give the green light to a hijacker and approve its installation, be more careful! Haste, naivety, and distraction are not your friends! They’re your enemies, so pay more attention and don’t be in such a rush. A little extra caution can save you a lot of headaches and troubles.

Why is this dangerous?

As was already mentioned, can implement all the changes it so desires without bothering to ask for your permission first. It also doesn’t have to inform you about the changes it makes. It can simply surprise you. Think on that for a second. That means that if the hijacker feels like it, it can approve the installation of more malware tools. And what a surprise t will be to turn on your computer and find it overrun with malware. At the very least, can reshuffle your system settings and block you from accessing your favorite websites. This may not be as dangerous as unwanted malware installs, but it’s still incredibly vexatious. Another “perk” of having a hijacker on your PC is the never-ending bombardment of pop-up ads you’ll have to endure on a daily basis. That’s right. displays adware’s most obnoxious trait. Every time you try to use your browser, not only will you be redirected to a hazardous site, but you’ll also be flooded with unreliable pop-ups. If you click on even one of these ads, you run the chance of unwillingly approving the installation of more malevolent programs. Other “joys” include a slower PC performance and frequent system crashes, caused by the continuous appearance of the pop-ups. And if that’s not enough to convince you to remove from your computer the first chance you get, know that it also jeopardizes your security. Immediately after infection, the hijackers starts spying on you. It keeps track of your browsing activities and catalogs your every move. After it has collected enough data from you, it sends it to the unknown third parties behind it. The question is, are you going to let malicious strangers with wicked agendas get their hands on your private information?

How to Remove virus

If you perform exactly the steps below you should be able to remove the infection. Please, follow the procedures in the exact order. Please, consider to print this guide or have another computer at your disposal. You will NOT need any USB sticks or CDs.

The adware is specifically designed to make money. It generates web traffic, collects sales leads for other dubious sites, and will display advertisements and sponsored links within your web browser.

STEP 1: Uninstall from Add\Remove Programs

STEP 2: Clean from Chrome Firefox or Internet Explorer

STEP 3: Permanently Remove leftovers from the System

STEP 1 : Uninstall from your computer

Simultaneously press the Windows Logo Button and then “R” to open the Run Command Window

run command


Type “regedit



navigate to HKCU\software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main

Modify the string with a value data and set it to for example.

STEP 2 : Remove homepage from Chrome, Firefox and IE

  • Open Google Chrome

  • In the Main Menu, select Tools then Extensions
  • Remove the by clicking on the little recycle bin
  • Reset Google Chrome by Deleting the current user to make sure nothing is left behind

disable from chrome

  • Open Mozilla Firefox

  • Press simultaneously Ctrl+Shift+A
  • Disable the unwanted Extension
  • Go to Help
  • Then Troubleshoot information
  • Click on Reset Firefox

remove from firefox

  • Open Internet Explorer

  • On the Upper Right Corner Click on the Gear Icon
  • Click on Internet options
  • go to Toolbars and Extensions and disable the unknown extensions
  • Select the Advanced tab and click on Reset

remove from ie

  • Restart Internet Explorer

How to Permanently Remove Virus (automatic) Removal Guide

To make sure manual removal is successful, we recommend to use a free scanner of any professional antimalware program to identify possible registry leftovers or temporary files.

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