How to Remove smdmfu.exe

remove smdmfu.exe

Why you need to remove Smdmfu.exe?

Smdmfu.exe is an executable file developed by Aztec Media Inc. that is associated with adware. Thus, if you have discovered the file on your system, think of whether you also see various ads appearing while you are surfing the web. The two things are connected as smdmfu.exe assists adware applications. This makes it obvious that for the file to be present on your PC, an adware program should be there as well. If you have any previous experience with adware, you should know that such applications are intrusive and the ads they display are annoying and potentially dangerous.

How did I get infected with?

Smdmfu.exe gets installed on the system as one of the components of an adware application. To prevent the program from entering your computer, you should be very careful with the websites you browse and the free applications you install. If you land on a malicious website, you may get directly infected with unwanted programs. Also, when you download freeware from unauthorized web pages, a number of unreliable applications get installed on your computer as well. You should consider changing your browsing habits and protecting your system if you want to avoid damaging it seriously.

Why is this file dangerous?

It is important to remove the smdmfu.exe file and the application it belongs to because they pose many threats to your virtual security. The ads displayed by adware programs contain redirect links to dubious web pages designed by cyber criminals to spread malware or steal essential data from users. Hence, you should refrain from clicking on the ads even if they seem really tempting. You can never be certain what threat is hiding behind an ad because it will be disguised as something genuine. Another problem with adware is its ability to monitor your behavior on the web and to record various details, which can lead to privacy-related issues. Because of all the reasons mentioned, you should waste no time to delete smdmfu.exe.

Smdmfu.exe removal procedure

  • Stop the windows process that is loading the Smdmfu.exe by pressing CTRL+SHIFT+ESC, locate the process, right click on it and choose end process.
  • Delete the following files:
%PROGRAMFILES%\settings manager\smdmf\smdmfu.exe
  • Open your windows installed programs and locate the program called Settings Manager.
  • Uninstall this program.


To make sure manual removal is successful, we recommend to use a free scanner of any professional antimalware program to identify any registry leftovers or temporary files.

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