Remove Nano Service Pack Virus (PUP.AD.SERVICE)

Can’t Remove Nano Service Pack? This page includes detailed Nano Service Pack Removal instructions!

Nano Service Pack is a parasite. It falls under the PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program) category. Do not underestimate the parasite. You don’t want it for sure. The PUP is an invader. It sneaks into your system and takes over your web browsers. The parasite injects various ads on every website you load. When you click, it gets paid. Thus, it has no intentions of limiting the number of ads it displays. Quite the contrary, it floods its victims with advertising content. The PUP displays various banners and panels on every web page you visit. It can also open pop-ups. And, if all else fails, it redirects you to sponsored websites. The parasite knows no boundaries. It even dares pause your online videos for commercial breaks. Nano Service Pack gets more and more aggressive with each passing day. Given enough time, it gets out of control. Do not watch this scenario unfold. You won’t like the consequence. Nano Service Pack is not a mere annoyance. This parasite jeopardizes your privacy. The PUP follows instructions to spy on you. It monitors your browsing-related data. Even the Incognito mode of your browser cannot hide you. And when it deems it has enough data, it sends it to its owners. Do you think that ends well for you? No, it doesn’t! You are dealing with cybercriminals. They know how to use every bit of information against you. Do not risk it! Protect yourself! Remove the Nano Service Pack PUP for good!

Remove Nano Service Pack

How did I get infected with Nano Service Pack?

The Nano Service Pack PUP cannot hack your computer. No, this parasite is not that advanced. It is not a virus, but an application. And, just like any other app, it has some limitations. The PUP cannot enter your OS without an invitation. Yet, as you can imagine, it knows how to steal one. The parasite preys on your naivety and negligence. It uses trickery to lure you into installing it! The PUP lurks behind software bundles, fake updates, and torrents. One second of carelessness is all it needs to succeed. Don’t make its job easier. Choose vigilance over carelessness. The key to a secure and infection-free computer is caution. Stay away from shady websites. Download your software from reputable sources only. When available, use the advanced/custom setup option. More often than not, the free apps we download off the web come bundled with bonus software. If you rush through an installation process, you might install the extras too. Bear in mind that these “bonuses” are often parasites like the prays PUP. Under the advanced installation, you would be able to deselect them. Also, before you click on the “Accept” button, read the terms and conditions. You can speed up this step by using an online EULA analyzer. If you detect anything suspicious, abort the installation immediately!

Why is Nano Service Pack dangerous?

The Nano Service Pack PUP has no place on your system. This parasite interferes with our every online activity. It doesn’t matter whether you type a search inquiry or watch a video, the PUP is always there to annoy you. It’s aggressive adverting, however, takes a toll on your device. Your poor computer becomes very slow. You face system underperformance, browser crashes, and Internet connection instability. The PUP prevents you from using your device normally. Don’t focus on these issues, though. The things that happen behind your back are far more worrisome. The PUP threatens to steal your personal and financial details. This invader spies on you. It’s just a matter of time before it manages to record sensitive information. Even if it doesn’t, it still knows your online habits and preferences. This information, too, is valuable. The PUP can use it against you, as well as sell it to third parties. In theory, if you enter “sneakers” into a search engine, the PUP would display ads for sports shoes. It sounds great, doesn’t it? What if its ads are deceptive? Or fake? Anyone willing to pay can use the Nano Service Pack PUP. The crooks use it to prepare customized ads and to push them on you. They show you what you want to see, but when you click, bad things happen. You risk ending up on scam and infected pages. The crooks what to trick you into revealing financial details. They may also try to lure you into installing rogue software. Do not put up with this situation! Remove the PUP before it lures you into an online trap!

How Can I Remove Nano Service Pack?

If you perform exactly the steps below you should be able to remove the Nano Service Pack infection. Please, follow the procedures in the exact order. Please, consider to print this guide or have another computer at your disposal. You will NOT need any USB sticks or CDs.

  • Open your task Manager by pressing CTRL+SHIFT+ESC keys simultaneously
  • Locate the process of Nano Service Pack.exe and kill it


  • Open your windows registry editor by typing”regedit” in the windows search box

Navigate to (Depending on your OS version)

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run] or
[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run] or

and delete the display Name: Nano Service Pack

Simultaneously press the Windows Logo Button and then “R” to open the Run Command

Type “Appwiz.cpl

Locate the Nano Service Pack program and click on uninstall/change. To facilitate the search you can sort the programs by date. Review the most recent installed programs first. In general you should remove all unknown programs.

Navigate to C:/Program Files and delete Nano Service Pack folder. Double check with any antimalware program for any leftovers. Keep your software up-to date!

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