How to Remove MMUltraPlayer (Complete Uninstall)

Can’t Remove MMUltraPlayer? This page includes detailed MMUltraPlayer Removal instructions!

A lightweight media player. That’s what MMUltraPlayer is supposed to be. If it sounds too good to be true, that’s only because it isn’t true at all. Behind all bogus functionalities lies a deceptive PUP (potentially unwanted program). Or, in other words, a virus. Don’t even for a second believe that MMUltraPlayer would enhance your online experience. It will do the exact opposite. After all, you’re dealing with a cyber parasite. Its one goal is to be beneficial for hackers. Your online experience is completely out of the picture. The virus firstly pretends to be a harmless and even practical tool. This way it tricks you into keeping it on board. As soon as it gets downloaded, MMUltraPlayer goes after your browsers. Yes, all of them. It installs a malicious browser extension that brings along nothing but trouble. For example, this add-on injects your browsers with commercials. All types of pop-ups get generated all the time. Does that sound like fun? It isn’t. MMUltraPlayer practically floods your PC screen with an endless pile of ads. Needless to say none of these advertisements was ever meant to help you save time and/or money. Coupons, discounts, product deals, product offers, various ads in various shapes. These stubborn commercials now cover every single website you visit. Or, should we say, attempt to visit. One thing you might be interested to learn – the MMUltraPlayer ads are sponsored. That means hackers gain profit out of displaying the pop-up ads. It also means these commercials are extremely unreliable. You could easily end up on dangerous pages infested with malware. As a result, you might compromise your already compromised machine much further. To prevent this, stay away from these ads. They might appear to be perfectly safe but they are caused by a virus. MMUltraPlayer is quite deceptive and misleading. It helps hackers gain revenue through the dubious pay-per-click mechanism as well. You should know better than to fall right into crooks’ trap. Restrain yourself from clicking any seemingly alluring commercial. Clicking is simply not a risk worth taking, keep that in mind. MMUltraPlayer also spies on your personal browsing-related data. It slows down the PC speed as well so it irritates you in many different ways. There’s nothing to gain by keeping this pest of a program on your device. On the other hand, there’s a lot to lose.

remove MMUltraPlayer

How did I get infected with MMUltraPlayer?

Can you recall the moment when MMUltraPlayer got installed? Probably not. Infections prefer sneaky and secretive ways to get spread online. For example, the virus might have been bundled with other programs. As you know, many people tend to rush the installation process. This way they leave their computers vulnerable to malware. You see, preventing infiltration isn’t a particularly challenging task. All you have to do is pay more attention online. Do not underestimate hackers’ creativity because you would regret it. When installing bundled freeware and shareware, always opt for the Advanced option. Also, check out the Terms and Conditions or EULA. Sure, rushing towards the “I accept” button is the quicker option. However, having to uninstall some nasty intruder later on is much more time-consuming. You should always be aware what you end up accepting, don’t you think? Stay away from unverified bundles and illegitimate websites. In addition, avoid third-party pop-ups and spam messages. The Web is full of potential threats so keep an eye out for malware.

Why is MMUltraPlayer dangerous?

MMUltraPlayer exhibits way too many malicious traits than a media player should. There are numerous similar infections out there that are safe. Why stick to the dangerous one? The parasite’s extension is compatible with some of the most popular browsers online. Yes, that includes Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer. This nasty plugin is indeed very problematic. Due to its presence, your once trustworthy browsers now generate unreliable links. You get constantly redirected to random websites. You might even notice additional toolbars that you never agreed to install. Your browsers now frequently crash and freeze. The Internet connection is unstable as well. To top it all, MMUltraPlayer jeopardizes your privacy. It collects every password, username, email address that it could possibly get to. Hackers now have free access to some immensely private data which they won’t hesitate to sell. Thus, your information may easily be sent into the wrong hands. Financial scams and identity theft are certainly not threats to be taken lightly. Don’t waste time. To get rid of MMUltraPlayer manually, please follow the detailed removal guide down below.

How Can I Remove MMUltraPlayer?

If you perform exactly the steps below you should be able to remove the MMUltraPlayer infection. Please, follow the procedures in the exact order. Please, consider to print this guide or have another computer at your disposal. You will NOT need any USB sticks or CDs.

  • Open your task Manager by pressing CTRL+SHIFT+ESC keys simultaneously
  • Locate the process of fileopenerpro.exe and kill it


  • Open your windows registry editor by typing”regedit” in the windows search box

Navigate to (Depending on your OS version)

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run] or
[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run] or

and delete the display Name: FileOpenerPro

Simultaneously press the Windows Logo Button and then “R” to open the Run Command

Type “Appwiz.cpl

Locate the MMUltraPlayer program and click on uninstall/change. To facilitate the search you can sort the programs by date. Review the most recent installed programs first. In general you should remove all unknown programs.

Navigate to C:/Program Files and delete FileOpenerPro folder. Double check with any antimalware program for any leftovers. Keep your software up-to date!

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