Remove Microsoft Edge Ads Virus

Can’t Remove Microsoft Edge ads? This page includes detailed ads by Microsoft Edge Removal instructions!

Edge is the newest web browser for Windows 10. Everything is all fine and dandy until the ads start rolling in. Oh, yes. Multiple users have complained about their browsing being interrupted by annoying, never-ending waterfalls of advertisements popping up each time they try to use the browser. Unfortunately, there’s more to their complaints than mere frustration. That’s how it starts – with vexation, which quickly turns into something much worse. The pop-ups are just the tip of the iceberg. Their sudden and undesirable appearance is accompanied by endless redirects, frequent system crashes, a slower PC performance and, what’s worse, both security and malware threats. So, think of the pop-up ads that disrupt your Edge browsing experience as a signal light. When you start seeing them, it’s an indication you’re in trouble. It’s a sign adware has slithered into your computer, and is wreaking havoc and throwing all kinds of issues your way. And, the unpleasantries and headaches will not stop unless you take action. So, take action! As soon as the ads start popping up, and you realize adware has invaded your system, find where it’s hiding and delete it at once! It’s for the best.

remove Microsoft Edge

How did I get infected with?

Adware like the one plaguing your Microsoft Edge experience, are immensely resourceful. Such applications are masters of deception. They use every trick in the book to dupe you into agreeing to install them while keeping you oblivious to their presence altogether. That may sound confusing, impossible even, considering how adware requires your permission to enter your PC. Well, it’s true nonetheless. The tool asks for your approval, and you give it without even knowing it. How? Well, you don’t realize it because adware does it covertly. More often than not, it sneaks in undetected by hitching a ride with spam email attachments or freeware or hiding behind corrupted sites or links. It uses these means as a shield to hide behind, and in your carelessness and haste you fail to see the deceit and give it the green light of approval. By the time you become aware of the mistake you’d made, the damage will already be done. If you wish to prevent adware from slithering into your system, try to be a bit more careful. Don’t give into gullibility, don’t rush, and don’t throw caution to the wind. You might be surprised at how many troubles and headaches, a little extra attention can save you.

Why are these ads dangerous?

Microsoft’s Edge is a WinRT-based browser. So far, it does not support add-ons or extensions, and that only means one thing. You won’t be able to block the infuriating, meddling pop-up advertisements plaguing your online activities, and you’re fair game for adware infections. If, all of a sudden, you start getting flooded by pop-ups each time you try to browse the web, know your PC has been infiltrated by such an application. The ads are its way of revealing its presence to you. Adware programs are immensely unreliable and harmful. They pose an entire array of issues. Apart from being forced to endure the never-ending bombardment of advertisements, you’ll also have to deal with a grave security risk. That’s right. Adware jeopardizes both your personal and your financial information as it spies on you. It keeps tracks of your browsing habits and catalogs every single move you make online. When it decides it has collected a sufficient amount of data from you, it proceeds to send it to the unknown third parties that published it. Oh, yes. It hands your private life to strangers, who can then use it as they see fit. The question is, are you going to allow that to happen? If you’re currently using the Edge browser and suddenly fall victim to a bombardment of pop-up ads, take action. Locate where the adware forcing the ads upon you is lurking, and remove it at once. You’ll save yourself a ton of troubles, and your future self will be thankful for it.

How Can I Remove Microsoft Edge Ads?

If you perform exactly the steps below you should be able to remove the Microsoft Edge infection. Please, follow the procedures in the exact order. Please, consider to print this guide or have another computer at your disposal. You will NOT need any USB sticks or CDs.

STEP 1: Stop Microsoft Edge Process

STEP 2: Stop your internet connection

STEP 3: Find and delete the virus

STEP 1 : Stop Microsoft Edge process

  • Simultaneously press the Windows Logo Button and then “R” to open the Run Command

  • Type “Taskmgr
  • Locate the Microsoft Edge program and right click on it then end task.

stop microsoft edge


STEP 2 : Stop Your Internet Connection

  • you can do that by just pulling out the Ethernet cable or disabling your Wi-Fi adapter.

STEP 3 : Find and delete the virus

Navigate to:

C:\Users\<users>\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.MicrosoftEdge_8wexxxxxxxxxx\AC\MicrosoftEdge\User\Default\Recovery\Active .

delete microsoft edge virus

Check your HOSTS file for IP address redirection.

To make sure manual removal is successful, we recommend to use a free scanner of any professional antimalware program to identify any registry leftovers or temporary files.

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