Remove HPREWRITER2 Virus

Can’t Remove HPREWRITER2? This page includes detailed HPREWRITER2 Removal instructions!

Just the nth obnoxious infection online – that is HPREWRITER2. It’s been classified as adware and a potentially unwanted program (PUP). This thing is not only utterly useless but very dangerous as well. You see, adware doesn’t appear to be harmful at first sight. It pretends to be a perfectly safe and useful asset to your PC system. This way, the parasite tricks you into keeping it on board. And the more time it spends on board, the more damage it causes. Adware-type infections are incredibly stealthy and cunning. For starters, HPREWRITER2 installs a malicious browser plugin. As you could imagine, the virus doesn’t bother to ask for permission. None of its various manipulations involves any authorization, actually. This is a PC infection. Why would you think hackers are interested in your online experience? If anything, crooks are only interested in their revenue. Thanks to the pay-per-click mechanism, HPREWRITER2 helps its developers gain profit. The problem is, their revenue comes solely at your expense. This program generates commercials. The nasty add-on it installs allows it to flood your PC screen with ads. All types of ads. All the time. Get yourself emotionally prepared for an endless pile of product deals. Pop-ups, pop-unders, banners, interstitials, video ads, etc. You name it, HPREWRITER2 generates it. As you could imagine, all these commercials are sponsored. That means you cannot afford to trust any of them. Sure, there might be some safe ads among the corrupted ones. However, is this a risk you’re willing to take? One single click on a misleading pop-up will cause you a great headache. Don’t test this infection’s limits; it’s a virus we’re talking about. You may end up on extremely unreliable pages filled with malware. Take care of your PC. Regain control over your hijacked browsing experience and get rid of the adware. HPREWRITER2 also redirects you to unknown (and unsafe) websites. This is yet another trick that lets hackers gain illegitimate profit. The virus aims at generating web traffic to these pages. Apart from the threats that poses, you now can’t find anything you search for online. HPREWRITER2 causes nothing bit trouble. The sooner you uninstall this pest of a program, the better.


How did I get infected with HPREWRITER2?

For instance, you might have opened a corrupted email. Despite being among the oldest methods to spread malware, spam messages are still efficient. That means you definitely shouldn’t click open anything you come across in your inbox. There might be some sneaky infection in the email waiting to receive green light. It’s quite clear that preventing installation is easier than removing a virus. Avoid bizarre email-attachments and messages from unknown senders. Also, be careful when installing software. You may not know this but freeware/shareware bundling is the most popular technique. All kinds of infections apply it, including ransomware and Trojans. To protect your safety, avoid illegitimate and unverified bundles. A program package free of charge isn’t necessarily infection-free. Opt for the Custom/Advanced option in the Setup Wizard as well. Paying attention in the process is very important unless you’re willing to install malware. Deselect any program you don’t trust and don’t be neglectful. Last but not least, check out the Terms and Conditions. Same piece of advice goes for the EULA (End User License Agreement). You must be aware what you end up accepting. Clicking “I accept” doesn’t give you any information whatsoever.

Why is HPREWRITER2 dangerous?

HPREWRITER2’s add-on is problematic. It’s compatible with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. You can no longer trust your own browsers. All they generate at the moment are sponsored web links and ads. These commercials are stubborn, very hard to remove and worthless. As you could imagine, even surfing the Web in general becomes a challenge now that the PC is compromised. The HPREWRITER2 pop-ups cover all websites. They also lead you to unsafe pages that might be full of parasites. This program’s developers generate web traffic thus gaining dubious revenue online. However, you don’t have to participate in crooks’ malicious tricks. Don’t support cybers criminals’ business by keeping HPREWRITER2 on your machine. As mentioned, the virus also redirects you. It takes control over all your browsers and irritates you on a daily basis. It also collects your browsing-related information so hackers could sell it. This whole thing could end very badly for your privacy so make no mistake. To delete this intruder manually, please follow our detailed removal guide.

How Can I Remove HPREWRITER2?

If you perform exactly the steps below you should be able to remove the HPREWRITER2 infection. Please, follow the procedures in the exact order. Please, consider to print this guide or have another computer at your disposal. You will NOT need any USB sticks or CDs.

  • Open your task Manager by pressing CTRL+SHIFT+ESC keys simultaneously
  • Locate the process of fileopenerpro.exe and kill it


  • Open your windows registry editor by typing”regedit” in the windows search box

Navigate to (Depending on your OS version)

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run] or
[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run] or

and delete the display Name: HPREWRITER2

Simultaneously press the Windows Logo Button and then “R” to open the Run Command

Type “Appwiz.cpl

Locate the HPREWRITER2 program and click on uninstall/change. To facilitate the search you can sort the programs by date. Review the most recent installed programs first. In general you should remove all unknown programs.

Navigate to C:/Program Files and delete HPREWRITER2 folder. Double check with any antimalware program for any leftovers. Keep your software up-to date!

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