Remove HowToSimplified Toolbar (Removal Guide)

remove howtosimplified toolbar

How to Remove HowToSimplified Toolbar?

Browser toolbar are programs that are supposed to improve users’ web browsing experience and the functionality of their browsers. This is what HowToSimplified Toolbar should be. The toolbar promises to provide users with access to DIY tutorials where they will be able to receive guidance for a number of do-it-yourself topics. If we put aside its impressive promotion, HowToSimplified Toolbar is just another potentially unwanted program from the MindSpark group of PUPs which should be removed from the system without any hesitation.

How did I get infected with HowToSimplified Toolbar?

HowToSimplified Toolbar has an active homepage where it can be downloaded from –, and many users choose to download the application themselves. However, it may also arrive bundled with freeware which is usually downloaded from unreliable websites. Please note that in the second case it is possible to skip the installation of the toolbar if you simply go carefully over the information provided by the setup wizard. You will be presented with an option to enable or disable the setup of HowToSimplified Toolbar, so make sure you choose to disable it.

Why is HowToSimplified Toolbar dangerous?

Once HowToSimplified Toolbar gets installed on your system, it will set as your default homepage and search engine. It is an interesting fact that the application chooses this particular search tool since it has been reported that it stopped being active back in 2011. However, it is still disturbing because of the multiple commercial advertisements and sponsored links will present you with. Clicking on them will surely redirect you to affiliate websites which might turn out to be rather dangerous. We believe this makes removing HowToSimplified Toolbar from the PC essential, so there is no reason for you to postpone it any longer.

HowToSimplified removal procedure

To remove HowToSimplified Toolbar from your web browsers like Internet Explorer, Google chrome and Mozilla Firefox, first of all, uninstall the unknown programs from your computer. The Next step is to clean the HowToSimplified toolbar from your web browser. Remove it with anti-malware application and double check your computer for HowToSimplified Toolbar infection with an appropriate virus removal tool. Delete all malware registry leftovers to maintain the system performance.

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