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remove findamo

How to Remove Findamo Search?

You are probably having troubles to remove findamo search. This is a web search engine, that will hijack your homepage without your consent. Even though it is not extremely dangerous in terms of private information, the main reason the program is considered a menace is because it acts as a redirect virus. It hijacks your browsers and redirects you to sponsored websites while you search and browse. It will change your default homepage to or, slowing down the system by continuously showing and redirecting you to advertisements. Even though it isn’t a rogue software, it is advised that this software be uninstalled immediately on discovery for hassle-free internet browsing experience. It makes unauthorized changes in your browsers and installs unwanted Findamo browser toolbar. Whenever you search for anything on any of your browsers, you will be redirected to Findamo search forcibly, which will then show you sponsored ads and results. BrowserContainer is the installer Findamo uses to install itself on a system. Classified an adware, Findamo will gather info from your search words and show your relevant adverts in subsequent searches, to increase and enhance revenue from advertising.

Is Dangerous?

Findamo is distributed through various shady freeware and shareware sites, from where it is downloaded without being detected. No user permissions or consent is taken while the download of the application. It can also be downloaded by another malware software, something like, that downloads malicious software and unwanted add-ons such as Findamo on the system with user consent. It runs in the background, downloading malicious unwanted software and installing it, slowing the PC down. While you download freeware and 3rd party applications, you should always ensure you select customized install and not the default. This will help you uncheck a possibly checked “install Findamo” checkbox. You may have unknowingly installed it yourself.

How to Uninstall Findamo?

If constant redirects have taken a toll on you, the best thing to do is simply, uninstall Findamo from your system. Although the uninstall in itself is particularly simple, the more harrowing task is to manually uninstall the browser toolbar and search engine redirect. You will also need to successfully remove all and any BrowserContainer files you find on your system. It is always advised to have an active anti-virus software installed on your system. It keeps your system clean and devoid of malware and spyware. The very first step to remove Findamo from your system is to uninstall it from the Programs and Features tab in the Control Panel. Uninstalling the software from here will remove it from your system, but you will need to manually reset your browsers to set your desired homepage and search engines. You will have to reset the default homepage and search engine by going to the settings in each of the browsers you use: Google Chrome, Firefox, Mozilla or IE. You will also need to manually remove all unwanted extensions that may have been installed before you uninstalled Findamo.

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