How to delete Windows Accelerator Pro virus (Manual and Automatic) Removal Guide

Delete Windows Accelerator Pro – manual removal guide Windows Accelerator Pro is a computer virus that presents itself as a legitimate antivirus program, while actually displaying fake virus alerts and threats to scare the people and urge them to pay for this malware program. How did Windows Accelerator Pro Virus Infected My Computer? In the … Read more

How To Avoid Cryptolocker Infection

According to the US Computer Emergency Readiness Team, this malware spreads mainly through mail messages containing unsolicited web links, in order to avoid the infection you just must not follow these links. The other measures that can be taken to avoid the cryptolocker infection are: Always keep your software up to date (especially the antivirus … Read more

How To Restore Encrypted By Cryptolocker Files

Method 1 to restore the encrypted by CryptoLocker files by hand: You can try to use the built in feature of Windows called System Restore. By default the system restore feature is automatically turned on. Windows creates shadow copy snapshots that contain older copies since the system restore was performed. These snapshots will let us … Read more