How To Delete Superfish Window Shopper From Firefox

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Superfish Window Shopper is a malware that installs on your system without user consent. It is downloaded and installed when you install free 3rd party software using the default installation settings. The installation bundle of the program you downloaded could be infected with malware and spyware programs such as Superfish Window Shopper and the kinds, and choosing to install your 3rd party freeware using the default settings automatically installs it in your system. In such cases you must always choose to install using the custom or advanced settings to ensure you’re downloading only the program you want and not any other additional, optional or free programs that are a part of the installation bundle. In the advanced settings you can deselect and programs that the installation offers to you. These programs could be malware and be extremely disruptive and annoying, besides posing a serious threat to data security.

Superfish Window Shopper runs on webpage overlay programs and is most common for e-commerce websites. So when start seeing a “see similar” icon on all the products that an e-commerce website is showing you, you know your system’s infected with Superfish Window Shopper. Clicking on this “see similar” option will redirect you other sponsored websites that offer the product in various other countries such as the US, UK or Australia. You will see this icon on all major e-commerce websites such as Walmart, Amazon, eBay, etc.

Superfish Window Shopper does not check the authenticity or security of the websites its redirects users to. It also does not take responsibility for any of them. So if you happen to catch a computer virus from one of these sites, you cannot blame Superfish Window Shopper for it.

Superfish Window Shopper is very annoying and highly disruptive since it will keep bombarding you various pop-ups and redirects all the time. It is hence also called a PUP or a potentially unwanted program.

Besides all of this, Superfish Window Shopper also tracks all your online activity so it can show you related search results in future. Which means it will monitor you search history, the URLs you visit and the frequency of visiting various URLs. It also poses a significant threat to personal information and data.

It is hence advisable to uninstall and remove it from the system the moment its presence is discovered. Since it infects all the browsers individually, you must first remove it from the system and then manually reset the browser settings.

REMOVING Superfish Window Shopper FROM FIREFOX

First, you will need to uninstall Superfish Window Shopper from the Control Panel. In the add-ons or Programs and Features tab, you will find Superfish Window Shopper or Window Shopper in the list of programs. Simply right click and uinstall the malware from here. You must also remove all suspicious programs that you see from here.

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To remove Superfish Window Shopper from Firefox, you will need to go to the Add-ons tab in the Tools section. Here in the Extensions tab, search for Superfish Window Shopper and disable the extension.

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