How To Delete Optimizer Pro

PC Optimizer Pro

How To Delete Optimizer Pro

PC Optimizer Pro is fairly easy to remove given you know the ins and outs of your system. PC Optimizer Pro is a malware with root kit abilities, which means, it interferes with the operating system’s registry, while also hijacking all the internet browsers in your system. PC Optimizer Pro claims to be registry cleanup software, used to scan and resolve any issues or problems in your system and delete unwanted registry entries. But it offers to do so only when you buy the full version of the software. The most common is the trial version of PC Optimizer Pro which automatically installs during infected 3rd party freeware installations, when the default installation settings are chosen. This trial version of the software only conducts scans and warns you about potential threats that various files in your system pose. For PC Optimizer Pro to actually do what it does, you will need to buy the full version.

Choosing to install 3rd part freeware using custom or advanced settings can help you ensure that you download and install only the program you downloaded, and not other additional programs that the installation bundle offers. A lot of times, these installation bundles are infected with malware such as PC Optimizer Pro.

PC Optimizer Pro hijacks all the browsers in your system, and changes the default homepage and search engine settings to its own settings, and will disable any more changes. So, once these changes are made, you will not be able to revert back to your own choice of homepage and search engine. You will hence be forced to use PC Optimizer Pro’s setting for all you future settings.

PC Optimizer Pro is malicious and can be quite disruptive when it kee`1ps disturbing you with constant pop-ups. PC Optimizer Pro uses scare tactics to lure users into buying and installing the full version of the malware.

How to delete Optimizer Pro

It is fairly simple to delete PC Optimizer Pro from your system, given you are thorough with the intricacies.

The first thing to do for the deletion process is to uninstall PC Optimizer Pro from the Control Panel, Programs & Features tab.  In this list of all the programs in your system, look for PC Optimizer Pro and uninstall it. You must also look for other suspicious looking programs as they could be malware or spyware programs that you may have accidentally downloaded. Remove all the programs whose installation you did not authorize.

Then you will need to reset the settings in each of your internet browsers and make sure you change the default homepage and search engine settings to the ones of your choice. You must also remove any extension of PC Optimizer Pro that you see, and any other malicious program extension that might be there.

Then clear the cookies, cache and browsing history from each of these internet browsers to completely delete PC Optimizer Pro from your system. This will ensure no traces are left behind to remove any chances of relapse.

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