Uninstall Awesomehp Search Page

Uninstall Awesomehp Search Page

Remove Awesomehp From Internet Explorer

Awesomehp is a potentially unwanted program or a PUP which infects systems and hijacks all the browsers in the system. As a malware, Awesomehp is potentially harmful as it operates completely without user consent and poses a serious threat to personal data and security. Awesomehp is installed in the system when users download free programs or shareware from 3rd parties. Commonly bundled with the installation setup, this malware can also be installed automatically if you happen to visit an infected website.

To avoid this, the best way is to first install an anti-virus or anti-spyware software in your system. This will keep any malicious programs at bay and make sure your personal information is safe. Also, when installing 3rd party freeware, it is recommended that the custom installation settings be chosen over the default installation settings. This enables you to monitor each program in the installation bundle and keep away any programs that you may not want. You can deselect installation of malware such as Awesomehp and not have the search page, the toolbar or the program installed in your system . You can uncheck, during this installation process, download and installation of any additional programs that the bundle might be offering and make sure you download only the program you need.

Awesomehp is particularly malicious as it completely hijacks your system. It will hijack the browsers and change the default homepage and search engine settings. You will be constantly redirected to websites and links, commercials and pop-up which are sponsored by the advertisers backing up the malware. You will not be able to undo or reset the changes made by Awesomehp as they are locked with a lock file in each browser. It also collects all your personal data and search history and makes it available to advertisers who then swamp you with unwanted redirects and commercial pop-ups.


It is advisable to uninstall Awesomehp the moment you realize your system has been infected.

The 1st step in this process is to go to the Control Panel and uninstall the program from the Programs and Features tab here. In the list of all the programs installed in your system, look for other suspicious programs, besides Awesomehp and uninstall all of them. These could be malicious programs that Awesomehp installed.

You will then have to manually remove the toolbars and reset all the browsers. Go to each of your browsers and reset the homepage and search engine to the one you prefer. Remove the extensions in all the browsers and disable the toolbar to make sure you remove it completely from your system. Here, you must also make sure you remove all the extensions and search engines from programs that you deleted in the Control Panel.

You must also delete all the search history information and the cache and cookies in the browsers. These could be monitored by advertisers and may contain infected cookies that may lead to a relapse.

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