Remove Smart PC Care Fake Optimization Tool

Can’t Remove Smart PC Care? This page includes detailed Smart PC Care Removal instructions! There’s a PUP, lurking on your computer. Smart PC Care is a potentially unwanted program. It slithered its way into your system, and is in the process of corrupting it. The longer you allow it to remain, the worse your predicament … Read more

Remove AutoClean Pro 2018 “Virus”

Can’t Remove AutoClean Pro 2018? This page includes detailed AutoClean Pro 2018 Removal instructions! AutoClean Pro 2018 is a PUP, potentially unwanted program. It tries to present itself as something different. But it’s one big scam. The application attempts to sell you lies. Don’t buy them! The program claims to be useful, and reliable. Its … Read more

Advanced PC Care “Virus” Removal

Can’t Remove Advanced PC Care? This page includes detailed Advanced PC Care Removal instructions! There are numerous PC optimizers that can speed-up your computer. Unfortunately, not all of them deliver what they promise. The Advanced PC Care utility is advertised as a fast optimization tool that can clean your Registry and modify your start-up items. … Read more

Remove High PC Booster (Fake Optimization Tool)

Can’t Remove High PC Booster? This page includes detailed High PC Booster Removal instructions! The High PC Booster is supposed to speed up your computer. Yet, it does exactly the opposite. This program is not trustworthy. In theory, the booster scans your Registry and removes outdated entries as well as other junk files. Yet, when … Read more

Remove Advance Doc Optimizer

Can’t Remove Advance Doc Optimizer? This page includes detailed Advance Doc Optimizer Removal instructions! Advance Doc Optimizer is a bogus program. It pretends to be useful, and trustworthy. But it’s not. That’s a front. It’s a deceitful, unreliable potentially unwanted program. Do NOT fall for its lies. And, they are quite a lot! The tool … Read more

GarGizer System Repair Removal (Fake Optimization Tool)

Can’t Remove GarGizer System Repair? This page includes detailed GarGizer System Repair Removal instructions! The GarGizer System Repair utility is supposed to speed up your computer’s performance by removing unwanted files and software. It sounds good. Yet, practice shows that the GarGizer System Repair tool is the unwanted program. This utility is classified as PUP … Read more

Remove PC Opticlean Fake Optimizer

Can’t Remove PC Opticlean? This page includes detailed PC Opticlean Removal instructions! The PC Opticlean utility is supposed to speed up your computer. Yet, it does exactly the opposite. This app is categorized as Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP). Despite the name of the category, there is nothing potential in your situation. You have a parasite … Read more

Remove PCEasyNow Malware

Can’t Remove PCEasyNow? This page includes detailed PCEasyNow Removal instructions! PCEasyNow is a potentially unwanted program. Though, it claims otherwise. The PUP promises to optimize your system’s performance. It promises to clue you in, if any infections sneak into your PC. It promises to perform frequent scans, and point out any problems. The program makes … Read more

Remove Startup Maximizer by Solid Tech (Complete Uninstall)

Should I Remove Startup Maximizer and what is this program? Startup Maximizer by Solid Tech is a potentially unwanted program. It’s a PUP and nothing more. Its selling point is that it’s a beneficial and useful tool, but it’s not. It’s all a lie. The application claims to be an optimization program. Don’t you believe … Read more