Remove Win32/Pokki (Complete Removal)

Having problems to Remove Win32/Pokki Virus BrowserModifier?

Win32/Pokki is a browser modifier or, at least, claims to be one. In reality, it’s a potentially unwanted program, and it’s quite malicious and harmful. Make no mistake! It’s a hazardous infection that will wreak havoc on your system, and mess it up entirely, possibly beyond repair. Do you wish to turn on your PC one day and find The Blue Screen of Death in front of your eyes? Although, to be fair, the likelihood of that happening is rather slim. And, yet, ‘slim’ does not equal ‘non-existent’. So, think about that. Are you prepared to take such a risk for such an undeserving program? One, which will bring you only headaches and grievances? Unless you wish to regret your decision in the future, delete the Win32/Pokki application now! Get rid of it as soon as the opportunity presents itself. It’s the best course of action you can take, and you can be sure your future self will be quite grateful for it.

remove Win32/Pokki

How did I get infected with Win32/Pokki?

Such tools, like the Win32/Pokki one, are immensely resourceful when it comes to finding a way into your system. They’re greatly skilled in the arts of deceit and subtlety, masters even. In fact, they’re so masterful that they not only succeed in sneaking into your PC but also manage to do so without you realizing it. Yes, they keep you oblivious to their existence until they decide otherwise. You’re probably wondering how they manage to slither in undetected, aren’t you? Well, it’s pretty straightforward. To invade your computer, these tools turn to the old but gold methods of infiltration. That includes hitching a ride with spam email attachments or freeware, as well as hiding behind corrupted sites or links. Also, they can pretend to be fake updates. For example, while you may be utterly convinced you’re updating your Adobe Flash Player or Java, in actuality, you’ll be installing a malicious, harmful tool that will bring you nothing but negatives. So, unless you wish to be buried in unpleasantries and problems, and full of regret, be more careful! Don’t throw caution to the wind, don’t rush, and remember that even a little extra attention goes a long way.

Why is Win32/Pokki dangerous?

As was already stated, Win32/Pokki is a malicious potentially unwanted adware program. Despite its efforts to fool you into believing that it’s something more, something better, it’s not. It’s a hazardous infection that will plague your browsing and threaten both your and your system’s well-being. So, do your best to remove the first chance you get. Otherwise, you risk experiencing the not-so-fun ”perks’ of getting stuck with such a virus. For one, it will flood you with pop-up advertisements. The waterfall will begin flowing shortly after infiltration, and will not cease until you remove the application altogether. But don’t think these ads will only be annoying. Oh, no. Apart from testing the limits of your patience with their obnoxiousness, they also pose grave dangers to your PC. For one, their continuous popping up will end up slowing down your computer’s performance to a crawl, and also cause frequent system crashes. But, what’s more important, the ads will present you with severe malware threat. Oh, yes. That’s because each pop-up you see is bundled with all kinds of malevolent tools, just waiting to pounce on your system. And, you’re the one who lets them do just that. Do you wish to know how? Well, it’s pretty straightforward. Each time you press a pop-up, the program displays, you unknowingly agree to install the malware lurking behind it. So, don’t click even a single one of the application’s unreliable advertisements! Not unless it’s your ultimate desire to accidentally install more unwanted malicious programs. Even if you disregard all of the other issues connected with the Win32/Pokki tool, can you ignore this one? Don’t idly stand by and put your system in danger for such an undeserving tool! Get rid of it at once! There’s nothing you can gain from it remaining on your PC while there’s ton to lose. Protect yourself and your system, and delete the PUP as soon as you can. It’s for the best.

How to Remove Pokki (Manual Uninstall)

If you perform exactly the steps below you should be able to remove Pokki software. Please, follow the procedures in the exact order. Please, consider to print this guide or have another computer at your disposal. You will NOT need any USB sticks or CDs.

The adware is specifically designed to make money. It generates web traffic, collects sales leads for other dubious sites, and will display advertisements and sponsored links within your web browser.

STEP 1: Uninstall Pokki from Add\Remove Programs

STEP 2: Make sure Pokki removal is successful

STEP 1 : Uninstall Pokki from your computer

Simultaneously press the Windows Logo Button and then “R” to open the Run Command

Type “Appwiz.cpl

Locate the Pokki software and click on uninstall/change. In general you should remove all unknown programs.

uninstall pokki download helper

Fix your windows Registry

Simultaneously press the Windows Logo Button and then “R” to open the Run Command Window

run command


Type “regedit



Once the windows registry editor opens search trough it for win32.pokki strings and delete them. Be very careful when editing the registry as you may render your computer inoperable.

Double check if Win32/Pokki removal is successful

To make sure manual removal is successful, I recommend to use a free scanner of any professional antimalware program to identify possible registry leftovers or temporary files.

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