Remove Browser Hijacker

Suddenly took over your homepage and you cannot remove it. is an obnoxious website, hiding a severe threat to your system and security. The page is bad news as it spells out trouble. There is an infection lurking behind it and using it as a front. And, that infection is a browser hijacker. They are nasty, harmful tools, designed to put you through a world of disaster and exploit you by any means necessary. The first indication that you’re stuck with one is the appearance of a website, which you’ve never seen before. Like All of a sudden, you’ll begin to see the site incessantly. It will pop up every time you surf the web, type a search, open a new tab, etc. It will plague your browsing experience. And, it won’t be alone doing it. The vexatious redirects will be accompanied by an ever-flowing waterfall of pop-up advertisements. And, it won’t be long before the site’s and the ads’ continuous display leads to further issues. Since the disturbances will occur regularly, your system will start to crash frequently, and your computer’s performance will slow down to a crawl. But these are just the minor grievances, which you’ll be forced to endure when dealing with a hijacker. Believe us when we say that you do NOT want to face the rest! They get worse and worse with each passing minute you allow the infection to remain on your PC. So, follow experts’ advice and don’t! Don’t permit the cyber threat to spend even a second longer, wreaking havoc on your system. Find exactly where the hazardous tool is hiding, and when you do – delete it! The sooner you remove it, the better! Take the appearance of as the warning, which it is, and act on it at once.


How did I get infected with?

Hijackers don’t just show up on your computer one day as if by magic. There’s nothing magical about how they appeared. They’re tools, which cannot enter unless invited. In other words, the malicious application sought your permission to install itself on your PC, and you granted it. You held the door open for it as it paraded its way in, and didn’t even know it. Do you know why? Because hijackers have a multitude of means at their disposal with which to slither in undetected. Yes, they not only dupe you into giving them the green light but also keep you oblivious to it. They’re utterly masterful when it comes to deception and trickery. More often than not, they turn to the old but gold methods of infiltration as they’ve proven their efficiency over time. Hijackers usually prefer to hide behind spam email attachments, but they can also hitch a ride with freeware, corrupted links, or sites or even pretend to be a fake update. If you wish to keep these dreadful programs away from your computer, you need to be extra careful and thorough! Never skip through the terms and conditions when installing a tool or an update, and don’t ever give into distraction, naivety, and haste! Infections, like the one behind, prey on carelessness! So, instead of throwing caution to the wind, be extra attentive because, sometimes, even a little extra attention goes a long, long way.

Why is this dangerous?

The site is a harbinger of trouble. It is clearly indicative of the presence of a malicious cyber threat, which is now calling your PC ‘home.’  And, once you get stuck with that nasty tool, using the page as a shield to lurk behind and cause troubles, you’re in for a terrible time. Brace yourself because you’re about to be flooded with issues and headaches, and altogether unpleasantness. It all begins with the website popping up. That’s the first intrusion of many yet to come. One day, you’ll open your browser and find your preferred homepage and search engine replaced with this new page. The reshuffle will come as quite a surprise because you neither authorized the switch nor were you informed about its implementation. Unfortunately, that’s not the only change the infection can implement. Part of why hijackers are so dangerous is their ability to make reshuffles freely, without bothering to seek your permission or clue you into their intentions. For example, if the hijacker, you’re currently stuck with, wants to install malware on your computer, it can! It can allow as many malicious applications to enter as it so desires, and you’ll have to deal with it. But even that is not the worst part of having such a nasty tool on your computer. The most unfortunate ‘perk’ of having such an infection is the security risk it places on you. Hijackers threaten your personal and financial details as they’re programmed to spy on you. The begin to keep track of your browsing activities from the moment they enter your system, and once they deem they have gathered enough data, send it to the people the published it. Think about that. The hazardous cyber threat, lurking behind, steals your private information and hands it to unknown individuals with questionable intentions. Do you believe anything positive will come from that? Hardly. Protect your system and help keep your private life away from strangers with agendas! Find and delete the nasty hijacker as soon as it first throws your way. You won’t regret it. It’s the best course of action you can take.

How to Remove virus

If you perform exactly the steps below you should be able to remove the infection. Please, follow the procedures in the exact order. Please, consider to print this guide or have another computer at your disposal. You will NOT need any USB sticks or CDs.

The adware is specifically designed to make money. It generates web traffic, collects sales leads for other dubious sites, and will display advertisements and sponsored links within your web browser.

STEP 1: Uninstall from Add\Remove Programs

STEP 2: Clean from Chrome Firefox or Internet Explorer

STEP 3: Permanently Remove leftovers from the System

STEP 1 : Uninstall from your computer

Simultaneously press the Windows Logo Button and then “R” to open the Run Command Window

run command


Type “regedit



navigate to HKCU\software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main

Modify the string with a value data and set it to for example.

STEP 2 : Remove homepage from Chrome, Firefox and IE

  • Open Google Chrome

  • In the Main Menu, select Tools then ExtensionsSearchJourney
  • Remove the by clicking on the little recycle bin
  • Reset Google Chrome by Deleting the current user to make sure nothing is left behind

disable from chrome

  • Open Mozilla Firefox

  • Press simultaneously Ctrl+Shift+A
  • Disable the unwanted Extension
  • Go to Help
  • Then Troubleshoot information
  • Click on Reset Firefox

remove from firefox

  • Open Internet Explorer

  • On the Upper Right Corner Click on the Gear Icon
  • Click on Internet options
  • go to Toolbars and Extensions and disable the unknown extensions
  • Select the Advanced tab and click on Reset

remove from ie

  • Restart Internet Explorer

How to Permanently Remove Virus (automatic) Removal Guide

To make sure manual removal is successful, we recommend to use a free scanner of any professional antimalware program to identify possible registry leftovers or temporary files.

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