How to Remove MyOSProtect.exe

remove myosprotect.exe

Why you need to remove MyOSProtect.exe?

MyOSProtect.exe is categorized as an adware helper. This means that the program will assist advertisement-supported applications in infiltrating your system. This file is part of the unwanted program WebProtect. You probably are experiencing the consequences – multiple commercial advertisements appearing in your browsers. There is a number of programs that help the distribution of this adware program. The presence of any of these files is an indication that your system needs a maintenance. Their presence should not be tolerated and they should be removed right away.

How did I get infected with MyOSProtect.exe?

MyOSProtect.exe is no different from any potentially unwanted program. You will certainly cannot download the component yourself. The file appeared in your hard disk after you have downloaded and installed a freeware program. These normally carry files of suspicious software that get installed along with the downloaded free application. Most of the times this happens secretly, so you may not even realize that something has gained access to your system. That’s why you need to remove myosprotect.exe as soon as possible.

Why is MyOSProtect.exe dangerous?

As it was mentioned previously, since MyOSProtect.exe is an adware helper, it will attract advertisement-supported applications to your system. These will expose you to various computer threats by displaying third-party advertisements. In addition, MyOSProtect.exe as well as all other components of this type are responsible for adware attacks, redirections to malicious websites, collecting private data, malware infections, and many other things you should beware of. It will also protect such installed adware programs from being removed. Do not hesitate to delete MyOSProtect.exe immediately.

MyOSProtect.exe removal procedure

  • Stop the MyOSProtect.exe process by pressing CTRL+SHIFT+ESC, locate the process, right click on it and choose end process.
  • Unregister these DLLs:
  • Delete the following files:
RegisterMyOSProtect.exe; WPUninstall.exe; wp-dcollect-asc.300.exe; PCCertInstaller.dll;
PCProtect64.dll; PCProxyDLL.dll; uninstallhelper.exe; postcollect.exe; MyOSProtect.exe;
pcwtc64r.sys; Uninstaller.exe; pcwtc64f.sys; file.exe; wp_us_1402-6ac27449.exe;
RegisterMyOSProtect64.exe; precollect.exe; wp-adinject-som.212.exe; monitor.exe;
MyOSProtect.dll; MyOSProtect64.dll; pcwatch.sys


To make sure manual removal is successful, we recommend to use a free scanner of any professional antimalware program to identify any registry leftovers or temporary files.

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