Remove Lightning Downloader Permanently

What is Lightning Downloader and should I remove it?

Lightning Downloader is a potentially unwanted program, which displays adware-like characteristics. This extension’s selling point is that it helps improve your online browsing. Supposedly, it makes your experience better, simpler, quicker, all the nines. However, none of it is true. The tool is not helpful, it’s not useful, and it’s most certainly NOT worth even half the trouble it causes. Lightning Downloader is malevolent, intrusive, deceitful, harmful, and when you look at it objectively, the negatives far outnumber the positives. So, don’t allow Lightning Downloader to stay even a second longer after you uncover its existence as you WILL regret that decision. Once the tool reveals its presence, find where it’s hiding and delete it at once! Don’t delay the removal of Lightning Downloader as the more it stays on your computer, the more issues it causes. The problems will only continue to pile up until they overwhelm your system, something you probably wish to avoid. Do what’s best for you and your system, and get rid of Lightning Downloader the first chance you get.

Lightning Downloader is sneaky and deceptive, which is why it manages to slither into your system so easily and smoothly. The tool even fools you into agreeing to install it without you realizing it. Oh, yes. If you do not permit its installation, it cannot enter your system. That’s why it has an entire array of tricks up its sleeve, which it can use to gain access to your PC. Its most preferred means of infection include the use of freeware. Users tend to forget that freeware is usually bundled with all sorts of malicious, harmful tools, and instead of being extra careful when dealing with it, they throw caution to the wind. Why they make that choice is a mystery but, what becomes quite clear soon after, is that they most definitely end up paying for it. Don’t be careless! Be more patient, and actually read the terms and conditions, instead of blindly saying “Yes” to everything. Gullibility and distraction rarely lead to anything good. Remember that next time you’re installing freeware. Other methods of infiltration, the tool often turns to include hiding behind spam email attachments, corrupted links, or websites or pretending to be a fake system or program update. Keep your eyes open and your guard up, and you might avoid getting stuck with Lightning Downloader.
remove lightning downloader

Once Lightning Downloader sneaks into your computer, it proceeds to make a mess. If you don’t take immediate actions towards the removal of this hazardous infection, you will be bombarded with all kinds of troubles. And, speaking of bombardments, as was already mentioned, the tool displays adware’s most obnoxious trait. Each time you make an attempt to go online, you’ll be interrupted by a whole myriad of pop-up ads. Not only will these ads annoy you to no end with their continuous appearance, but they’ll also lead to further damages. Due to the ads’ popping up so often, your computer’s performance slows down to a crawl, and your system crashes frequently. On top of all that, the pop-ups are also immensely unreliable. If you make the decision to click one or do so by accident, you’ll unwillingly agree to install malevolent tools on your PC. But what’s even worse than this malware threat is the fact that Lightning Downloader jeopardizes your privacy. Each second this tool spends on your system, it collects information from you. It keeps track of all of your online activities, every move you make, and then sends the data, it has gathered, to the third parties behind it. After these unknown individuals have it, they can use it as they see fit. Are you willing to hand your private life to strangers? Are you willing to experience all of these grievances and more so that you can keep a tool that’s not worth keeping? Think long and hard before you decide.

Remove Lightning Downloader – Manual Uninstall Instructions

To uninstall the Lightning Downloader program from your computer go to the Windows Start button, then select Control Panel, and click on Uninstall a program.

uninstall Lightning Downloader

If you are using Windows 8, you need to drag your mouse to the lower right edge of the screen, select Search from the list and search for “control panel”

Unisntall Lightning Downloader

When you see the programs list you need to right click on Lightning Downloader and select uninstall. However, in order to completely clean the computer we are recommending to double-check with any professional antimalware tool.

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