Remove KingCoupon ads (Easy Removal)


How to Remove KingCoupon Ads?

KingCoupon is a malware that is spread as a browser add-on. It helps user find relevant items on various e-commerce coupons and deals. Even though this program may lookis useful, it is considered a malware as it installs in the system without user consent. This can happen during the installation of 3rd party freeware or shareware programs that you may have downloaded. The installation bundle of these freeware programs could be infected with KingCoupon. The program is automatically downloaded and installed when users opt for a default installation. The custom or advanced installation settings should always be chosen to make sure you do not download any additional or optional programs that may be bundled in the installation bundle of the actual program you downloaded. In the custom settings you can deselect program that you do not wish to download. These additional””, “optional” or “free” programs could be potentially unwanted programs or PUPs that could harm your computer.

Why is KingCoupon Dangerous?

KingCoupon, affects all browsers equally and you will experience a general slowdown of all the browsers you use. When you are shown these adverts and pop-ups, KingCoupon will claim to get you a better deal with numerous coupons, promotions etc. if you click on this, you will be redirected to partner websites that offer the products you are looking for. These sites could be unreliable and will lodge their cookies on your system.

As is obvious, KingCoupon monitors all your activity, and gathers non personal info including your search history, the URLs you visit, and other information regarding your web searches, besides risking the security of your personal data.

Since KingCoupon does not take accountability for 3rd party websites it redirects its user to. Which means that if you are taken to an infected website and catch a virus there you cannot blame KingCoupon for it.

It is thus advisable to uninstall and remove KingCoupon the moment you discover its presence in your system.

KingCoupon Removal Procedure.

The first step in getting rid of KingCoupon is to uninstall it from the control Panel’s Programs and Features tab. Here simply look for KingCoupon and uninstall it. You must then go to each of your browsers and delete any extensions from the unwanted program. You must also clear all cookies, cache and all your browsing history to reduce chances of malware relapse.

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