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Can’t Remove Herokuapp? This page includes detailed Herokuapp Removal instructions!

Yes, you’ve come to the right article. Here you’ll find all the information you need about one of the newest cyber threats. As you already know, hackers could be very hard-working people when it comes to malware. The parasite we’re about to tackle came into sight just a couple of days ago. Nevertheless, it’s already managed to cause trouble to PC users from all over the globe. Do yourself a favor and learn more about this pest ASAP. Before going into detail about the Herokuapp Virus itself, let’s focus on This is quite a popular website which allows you to “build apps, not infrastructure”. Thanks to this tool, everyone can create and then upload the apps they’ve developed. Do you see the threat already? gives everybody the chance to work on an app. But is everybody going to use this website to develop harmless software? Unfortunately, no. Hackers would never miss such a golden opportunity to create something malicious. Of course, has also helped many perfectly safe apps see the light of day. That doesn’t change the fact cyber crooks are using it to create parasites. You see, despite its good intentions, often gets into the wrong hands. This is how a whole bunch of adware-type infections, browser hijackers, etc. get developed. The good news is that none of these viruses is particularly virulent. If you’ve had to deal with adware/hijackers, you know they’re more annoying than dangerous. Having said that, there’s no reason to overlook the danger these parasites pose. Crooks might use to involve you in some phishing scheme or some other cyber fraud as well. As you could imagine, hackers are going after your money. Adware and PUPs  mess with your default browser settings, spy on your private information and expose you to malware. Long story short, these seemingly harmless infections are able to cause some serious damage. They should never be underestimated. Thanks to hackers’ creativity, has become a platform for malware. It also hosts content on Facebook which means millions of people turn into potential victims. Just think about. An endless pile of adware-type programs roams the biggest social network out there. Quite a dangerous situation, don’t you think?

remove Herokuapp

How did I get infected with Herokuapp?

As mentioned, Facebook gives hackers infinite possibilities to spread malware. Crooks usually disguise their parasites as legitimate pop-ups or other commercials. For instance, when you come across some great product deal or a huge discount, this might be a virus. Restrain yourself from clicking as you could compromise your own computer in the blink of an eye. Remember, you only get what you pay for. Watch out for third-party ads, especially if they seem too good to be true. Apart from the Facebook ads, you should also avoid suspicious posts and shares. It’s an incredibly easy task to infect your PC so don’t neglect your safety. There’s no such thing as being too caution when surfing the Web. Another popular virus infiltration method you must prevent is freeware/shareware bundling. Always opt for the Advanced option in the Setup Wizard. Also, keep an eye out for malicious “bonus” programs. Avoid illegitimate websites, unverified software and torrents. Make sure do the right thing and protect your device.

Why is Herokuapp dangerous?

The Herokuapp viruses are not a threat to be taken lightly. Even though they don’t include Trojans or ransomware, they get out of hand very quickly. Take adware, for example. This type of virus injects your once trustworthy browsers with sponsored, unreliable commercials. It absolutely demolishes your online experience so it could help hackers gain profit. Hijackers are another pest you might get stuck with. These programs stubbornly redirect you to dangerous pages filled with parasites. Last but not least, you might stumble across a phishing scam and lose money. To top it all, the Herokuapp malware could also spy on your browsing-related information. Your sensitive data (passwords, IP addresses, email addresses) ends up being jeopardized. Some exceptionally unlucky PC users may even experience financial frauds or identity theft. As already mentioned, often gets misused which results in the aforementioned cyber threats. Anything this platform hosts finishes with “”. It uses its own DNS network and domain. As a result, people get tricked into thinking the website itself is to blame for the parasites. However, it’s hackers who create this mess. To get rid of any unwanted cyber intruder, please follow our manual removal guide down below.

How Can I Remove Herokuapp?

If you perform exactly the steps below you should be able to remove the Herokuapp infection. Please, follow the procedures in the exact order. Please, consider to print this guide or have another computer at your disposal. You will NOT need any USB sticks or CDs.

  • Open your task Manager by pressing CTRL+SHIFT+ESC keys simultaneously
  • Locate the process of Herokuapp.exe and kill it


  • Open your windows registry editor by typing”regedit” in the windows search box

Navigate to (Depending on your OS version)

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run] or
[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run] or

and delete the display Name: Herokuapp

Simultaneously press the Windows Logo Button and then “R” to open the Run Command

Type “Appwiz.cpl

Locate the Herokuapp program and click on uninstall/change. To facilitate the search you can sort the programs by date. Review the most recent installed programs first. In general you should remove all unknown programs.

Navigate to C:/Program Files and delete Herokuapp folder. Double check with any antimalware program for any leftovers. Keep your software up-to date!

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