Remove Awesomehp Virus removal

Remove Awesomehp Virus

The Awesomehp virus is distributed with various freeware and shareware files, and installed in your system without user consent. It is a certified malware which hijacks all your browsers and changes the default search engine and homepage settings on all and very internet browser installed in your system. Although not considered a virus, Awesomehp is a malicious advertiser backed program. It poses high data theft risk as it collects all your secure private and personal data, gathers your search and browsing data and makes it available to advertisers and cyber criminals. Since it hijacks the browsers, you will be forced to use the default search engine and the homepage that Awesomehp provides to you. It is not recommended to use these engines as they are merely mimics of actual search engines and often divert all the search traffic to sponsored websites and advertisements. Awesomehp is downloaded in the background, without user consent, when users download and install 3rd party freeware or use 3rd party shareware sites. These sites or programs can be infected and the malware can be a part of the installation bundle. Hence, while installing 3rd party freeware programs; it is always advisable to use the custom installation settings. In this setting, you can make sure you are not downloading any “additional” programs in the bundle. These additional programs are usually malware and spyware that overtake your system operations and disrupt security and work.

When Awesomehp installs in your system and hijacks the browsers, it also installs a search toolbar, and various other malware, adware and spyware programs without user consent, in the background. It installs a lock file in the browser disallowing any changes in the settings it has made. Hence, you will be redirected to various advertiser sponsored websites every time you conduct a search, will be spammed with various advert pop-ups while you work. This can considerably slow down the system and also cause the browser to crash.

Awesomehp Virus Removal

Awesomehp’s installation in the system goes undetected till it makes the changes in the browsers and locks these in. You must remove it the moment you are aware that your system has been infected. The first step in removing this malware is to uninstall it from the Programs and Features tab in the Control Panel. In the list of programs here, look for Awesomehp and other malicious suspicious programs, and uninstall them all. Programs that you did not give permission to install could be other spyware installed by Awesomehp without your knowledge. The next step is to disinfect your browsers. It is essential that you change the settings manually in each of your browsers, and reset them to normal, and settings of choice. Since you deleted the main program, the lock file will be inactive and hence the changes will be accepted by the browsers. You must also clear the cache, cookies and delete all browsing history to completely remove Awesomehp. You will also need to disable the search toolbar to bring the browser back to efficient working conditions. Detailed explanation of the above actions with pictures can be found in the article Awesomehp manual removal guide.

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