Iminent Virus Removal Guide

Iminent Virus Removal Guide

remove iminent search virus

Iminent Search is a browser hijacker that takes control of your web browsers and forces you to visit some websites for online marketing purposes and to improve their page ranking in search results. As soon as Iminent Search is installed in the PC, it redirects your web browser to which is flooded with advertisement and sponsored links. Clicking on any of these links may further direct the user to suspicious sites which may even contain more viruses that could attack your PC. It is categorized as potentially unwanted program or “PUP”.

How Does Iminent Search Enter Your Computer?

Iminent Toolbar gets into your computer when you have installed some free software or some add-on that is available on the internet. Iminent search gets bundled into programs and installs itself into the computer without consent from the user. For instance, when you install a program called vShare, Iminent Toolbar automatically gets installed and your default browser homepage is changed to But that does not mean that when you uninstall the program vShare from your computer, the default settings of your web browser will be restored. Iminent Toolbar needs to be removed manually from your web browsers.

What Does Iminent Search Do?

Iminent search installs itself into the user’s computer and it comes bundled along with freeware from internet. It hijacks the browsers and redirects the browsing sessions of the user to web pages with sponsored links, banners and advertisements. It extracts private information and traces internet activity of the users. Very often it is instrumental in sharing such leaked information with third parties that has serious consequences like loss of money.

Why is Iminent Search Dangerous for your PC?

Iminent search is dangerous for your PC, because it closely monitors your browsing activities and keeps a record of your search terms. By showing relevant advertisements with respect to your search queries, it attempts to redirect the user to such malicious websites which may have more viruses capable of infecting your PC. There is also the danger of leakage of personal information including details of bank accounts, credit card information, user names and passwords etc. The computer also becomes slow as well as the internet speed.

How to Remove Iminent Search from Your Computer?

To remove Iminent search, first of all uninstall the Iminent Toolbar program from your computer. Remove Iminent Toolbar and from all your favorite web browsers like Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. Scan the entire system with any professional antimalware tool and remove any leftover files, browser extensions, unwanted files and registries from the computer, to completely eradicate the Iminent search virus from your system. Timely removal of Iminent search from your computer is essential to prevent further infestations and damage to your computer. The user must know that there is a high risk of being infected with additional viruses by installing ad supported toolbars. The browser homepage and default search engines are changed to illegitimate ones due to this.


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