How to Remove YouPorn

Should I Remove YouPorn?

YouPorn is a pornography page. You probably expected that, didn’t you? Well, here’s something that will possibly come as a surprise, YouPorn is more than just a pornography page. But not in a good way. Far from it. You can get yourself into unexpected troubles if you do no take precautions visiting the website. For one, apart from being, let’s say, an entertainment page, there have been implications that the YouPorn website uses third-party cookies, and via these cookies keeps tracks of your online activities. What’s worse, it take it a step further. It catalogs all of the information it manages to collects from you and your browsing. Once it determines that it’s enough, it proceeds to send it to the unknown individuals that support the page. Think about it. Your private life – your browsing habits will be handed to strangers with questionable agendas. Do you think that will end well? Hardly. Once you become aware of the YouPorn site storing information on your computer, take action towards their immediate removal. The sooner you handle the situation, the better. Doing nothing will only lead to headaches, problems, and regret.

How did I get infected with?

YouPorn’s tracker cookie slithers into your computer the same way as most other tracking cookies do. By visiting the website you silently agree to store the tracking cookie in your hard drive. Just as you wouldn’t open your windows on a cold day, there’s no real reason for the YouPorn cookie to be in your system. Deleting YouPorn tracking cookie will insure your privacy and will not help other third party advertisers to profit because of target advertising. However, if you choose not to erase YouPorn’s tracker, you should know that serious malware infections can come from other sources. It is normal that people want to delete any traces of visiting adult websites for one reason or another. The same goes for YouPorn’s tracker cookie. Perhaps if you’re a tiny bit more cautious, you’ll prevent your computer from infecting and causing trouble. Don’t give into naivety, haste, and distraction. They lead to nothing good, only to headaches and havoc.

Why is this dangerous?

The YouPorn site has not been officially branded as a malicious and harmful domain by security companies, but that does not make it safe and secure. The page uses cookies to keep track of your browsing and then sends the gathered data to strangers with possibly wicked agendas. Isn’t that enough to convince you to steer clear of it? Is it not better to follow the principle ‘better safe than sorry’ than to risk being forced to deal with the repercussions of having your private life handed to unknown third parties? When the YouPorn page popped up for the first time, it had a clean reputation for a malware-free domain. Then all that changed, and YouPorn turned into just one more malware-infested page that decides to track its users using cookies. As you can imagine, that did not fit well with users. There was even a lawsuit filed in 2010, which lead to the removal of the YouPorn tracking cookie. That’s just a peculiar tiny, little, minor detail about YouPorn we thought you should know. Why? Well, even though, the cookie is absent from the site NOW, that doesn’t exclude the possibility that it’s already on your computer. That can be attributed to a visit to the page prior to the change and the removal of the tracking cookie. The bottom line is, trust in the ‘Better safe than sorry’ motto, and avoid visiting the YouPorn domain. Follow it and protect your privacy. Your future self will most certainly appreciate it.

Delete YouPorn tracking cookie.

For Internet Explorer.

  • click Tools
  • Internet Options
  • then click the Delete Cookies button on the General tab.

For Mozilla Firefox.

  • click Tools
  • then Options
  • go on Privacy icon in the sidebar
  • then click the Clear button to the right of the Cookies.

For Google Chrome.

  • click on settings 
  • then show advanced settings
  • under the Privacy Section, click on Clear Browsing Data
  • then select cookies and delete them all.

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