How to Remove Crjoker File Extension Ransomware

How to Remove Crjoker file extension Ransomware?

If one day you open your computer and are greeted by a message displayed on your screen, and find the .crjoker file extension added to every single file you have on your PC, know you’re in trouble. Should that happen, you’re dealing with ransomware. That’s a highly hazardous infection. It can potentially be classified as the worst one you can catch because it jeopardizes everything you have stored on your PC. That includes all of your pictures, videos, documents, music, etc. It’s not selective. It encrypts everything and then asks for ransom for its release. If you refuse to go through with the payment, you can say goodbye to your files. And, don’t get it wrong. It’s not always about money transactions. However, that’s the most common demand. Here’s some crucial piece of advice: don’t ever go through with the ransom! Regardless of what the ransomware asks of you, don’t do it! The game is always rigged against you. You’ll lose every time. Do you know why? There are several ways for this to play out. Here’s how it usually goes down. The ransomware slithers into your system, encrypts every file by adding the .crjoker extension, and displays its demands. It requires you pay a ransom. You pay the ransom. And, then one of two things happens. Either you pay and receive the encryption key, or you pay and receive nothing. First case scenario might seem preferable, but it’s just as bad as the other one. Why? Well, what’s to say the ransomware won’t put you through all of this again tomorrow? Nothing. That’s right. Nothing is stopping the pesky infection from striking again the very next day. Then what? Will you pay again? It’s a war you can’t win. Accept that early on, and protect your personal and financial information. Don’t fall into the clutches of nasty, wicked individuals with malicious agendas. The best thing to do is to cut your losses, and forget about the decryption key, which the ransomware wiggles in front of your face. It’s fool’s gold.

How did I get infected with?

Ransomware is quite masterful when it comes to slithering into your system. It may seem that it just popped up out of the blue one day, but it didn’t. There’s no magic connected to its unexpected appearance. What may surprise you is the fact that you’re responsible for its presence on your computer and, in continuation, for your current predicament. And, here’s why that is. Infections like the ransomware you’re dealing right now, the one using the .crjoker file extension, require the user’s approval before they install themselves. But don’t be too hard on yourself. Such tools are masterful in the art of deceit. They resort to every known trick in the book so as to dupe you into giving them the green light. For example, it’s quite common for such infections to pretend to be bogus updates. So, while you may be convinced you’re updating your Java or Adobe Flash Player, you’d be wrong. In actuality, you’d be permitting ransomware to enter your system. A grave mistake with even graver consequences. And, one, you could easily avoid if you’re just a little extra careful and not rush and throw caution to the wind. That’s right. Instead of giving into naivety, haste, and carelessness, be more attentive. After all, that can end up saving you a ton of troubles and grievances. In order to restore your files the hacker left the following message, asking to contact them:

Your personal files were encrypted using RSA key cryptographically!
It decrypts files can be knowing a unique, private RSA key length of 2048 bits, which is only for us.
Write to us at mail:
Spare mails: or
Instructions for payment will be sent in the opposite letter.

remove crjoker file extension

Why is this dangerous?

After the troublesome ransomware settles on your PC, it takes over. It encrypts every file you keep there, and you can no longer open it. You cannot access anything. It basically ties your hands and corners you. The infection adds the .crjoker file extension to your files, which immediately renders them utterly useless to you. After it takes possession over your data, the nasty ransomware demands ransom. As was already explained, it requires you go through with it if you ever wish to regain access to your pictures, videos, etc. Because if you don’t pay up, you lose your data. It seems such a simple trade-off, yet there’s nothing simple about it. As was already explained, the chances of you actually decrypting your files and rid yourself of the ransomware menace are slim to say the least. The odds are stacked against you. That’s why, as unpleasant as it may be, it’s best to do nothing. Simply because, no matter what you do, it’s a lose-lose situation. So, by taking any action whatsoever, you risk further damages. Don’t jeopardize your personal and financial information by playing by the ransomware’s rules. It’s not worth it. You have much more to lose than you could potentially gain. It might seem harsh, but it’s truly for the best to do nothing. Do yourself a favor and protect your privacy. Disregard the ransom demands, the infection makes. And, for future reference, make sure to create back-ups of your files ans have a good antimalaware program installed on your machine.

Crjoker file extension Removal Instructions

STEP 1: Start Your Computer into Safe Mode with Networking

  • Make sure you do not have any floppy disks, CDs, and DVDs inserted in your computer
  • Restart the computer
  • When you see a table, start tapping the F8 key every second until you enter the Advanced Boot Options

kbd F8

  • in the Advanced Boot Options screen, use the arrow keys to highlight Safe Mode with Networking , and then press ENTER.


  • Once the operating system loads press simultaneously the Windows Logo Button and the R key.


  • A dialog box should open. Type iexplore


  • Internet Explorer will open and a professional scanner will prompt to be downloaded
  • Run the installer
  • Follow the instruction and use the professional malware removal tool to detect the files of the virus.
  • After performing a full scan you will be asked to register the software. You can do that or perform a manual removal.

Remove Crjoker file extension malware Manually

Open your task Manager by pressing CTRL+SHIFT+ESC keys simultaneously

Locate the process of the Ransomware. Have in mind that this is usually a random generated file.

Before you kill the process, type the name on a text document for later reference.

for this particular ransomware the file names are: winpnp.exe; drvpci.exe; windefrag.exe their location must be in your windows %temp% folder


Navigate to your %temp% folder and delete all these files.


Navigate to your %AppData% folder and delete all these files.

Open your Windows Registry Editor and delete the following registry keys:

HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run:winpnp %Temp%\winpnp.exe
HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run:drvpci %Temp%\drvpci.exe
HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run\:windefrag %Temp%\windefrag.exe

You can alternatively use your msconfig windows program to double check the execution point of the virus. Please, have in mind that the names in your machine might be different as they might be generated randomly, that’s why you run the professional scanner to identify the files.

It is always a good idea to use a reputable anti-malware program to check if manual removal is successful and to prevent this from happening again.

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