Get Rid Of Optimizer Pro

get rid of Optimizer Pro

Get Rid Of Optimizer Pro

A PUP, or potentially unwanted program, PC Optimizer Pro is a rogue malware which hijacks all browsers. Even though it claims to be a legitimate program, it poses more problems and causes work disruption. Operating using scare tactics, it works in tandem with a program known as Fake Antivirus. When installed in your system, it will conduct fake scans, and inform you about various issues with your system. It will offer to resolve these issues and threat, only when the full version of the program is installed.

PC Optimizer Pro is a registry program and makes changes in the operating system. It will load various malicious files and may even infect the existing registry files on the system.

Installed with 3rd party freeware programs, PC Optimizer Pro is downloaded without user consent. It downloads in the background while installation of the freeware. A lot of freeware and shareware installation bundles may be infected with various malware that will be installed in your system if you opt for the default installation settings. If you choose to install using the custom or advanced installation settings, you can monitor and manage the optional and additional programs that the bundle offers to install along with the main program. You can uncheck on choosing to install these programs, and prevent from possible malware infection of your system.

PC Optimizer Pro changes browser settings, connects automatically to the internet, it blocks access to any legal anti-virus and anti-spyware programs, while it stays active in the background at all times. It may delete Windows registry files that are important which may cause the operating system to destabilize.

It is advised to get rid of this malware as soon as it is discovered to prevent any further contamination of the system. An already active anti-virus software can keep any malware infects at bay. An anti-virus software will warn you whenever you are about to install any malicious files or visit an infected website.

How to get rid of Optimizer Pro?

Ridding your system of PC Optimizer Pro can be slightly tricky if you are not thorough with using the computer and the intricacies of the system.

Step 1 in the removal process in to remove the malware from the Control Panel. Go to the Programs & Features option in the Control Panel to find a list of all the programs that have been installed in your program. Look for PC Optimizer Pro and other malicious programs that could have been installed due to the infection. Simply uninstall PC Optimizer Pro and the other suspicious programs that you find in this list. You can alternatively uninstall unknown programs that you did not give permission for installing, or recently installed unknown programs. The next step is to reset the homepage and search engine settings in each of your internet browsers. You must also clear the cache, cookies and browsing history in all the browsers. If you have Chrome, IE and Firefox, you will need to make the changes in all of these individually.


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