How to Delete TornTV from Firefox

Delete TornTV from Firefox

delete torntv from firefox

TornTV is a malware which creates a havoc in your system once it infiltrates through those security settings. It might look like a legitimate application, but it is not, especially if you see the result of it setting up in your PC. Whenever a user comes upon a free site to download or install for his or her PC, it might look as an attractive option, but it might just be a carrier of such malwares like TornTV.

What does TornTV do?

When your computer gets infected by TornTV, it will change the DNS settings of your browsers on your computer, so that you are redirected to its web page every time you want to use the internet for your search or access to your favourite sites. It overrides the default settings and adds malicious keys to your registry without permission. This even results in a change of your home page to TornTV also tends to download other spyware and adware applications.

How is TornTV transferred to computers?

TornTV is transferred to your computer in conjunction with a totally different program you have downloaded on your computer. These programs are often dangerous and illegitimate, and pose a huge threat to your computer. TornTV can also be easily installed from its official website, and many users install applications from this official site as it provides free access to many paid channels on TV. These users who download and install such applications are often not aware of the threat behind the free goodies.

Why is TornTV dangerous?

TornTV is basically a pay-per-click scheme and helps generate revenue for its developers. It also downloads other spyware or adware like Internet helper 3.1 toolbar and Zoom Downloader, which will in turn slow down your computer or even cause a crash. TornTV will also create a nuisance with multiple pop up ads interfering with your usual process. It can also pose a dangerous threat to your personal information as well as financial details. Even the professional front can get hugely affected with its presence.

Remove TornTV from Firefox

  • Open Mozilla Firefox
  • Press simultaneously Ctrl+Shift+A
  • Disable all unknown Extensions.

firefox add-ons manager

  • Go to Help
  • Then Troubleshoot information
  • Click on Reset Firefox

reset firefox

TornTV is often a very attractive option for many users as it provides free services on video streaming and video downloading. Manysecurity experts have claimed that the application is very complicated, and it can come bundled with numerous potentially undesirable programs and malicious infections. Of course, there is quite the possibility that a user can download the application from, which is the official website. It lures customers by stating that the application can provide an endless variety of news channels, movies, and worldwide sports. And it holds true when you can easily connect to MTV or HBO or Mad TV. However, anyone can easily guess that a free connection to popular paid channels has to be illegal. Hence, apart from posing a danger to your PC when it enters stealthily, it is illegal even to download it officially. Therefore, it is best to remove it from the system as soon as possible to avoid any issues. Detailed instructions on Torntv Removal from all browsers can be found in the article remove-torntv-uninstall-guide.

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