Delete Awesomehp Search Engine

delete awsesomehp

Delete Awesomehp Home Page ( hijack)

Awesomehp is a certified PUA or a potentially unwanted application. It has various malicious traits, considering that it is installed in your system without any user consent. This could have happened when you visited an infected websites or downloaded a 3rd part shareware or freeware program. The installation bundles in infected installations contain this advertiser supported malware. Awesomehp is downloaded and installed in your system when you choose to go through with the default installation settings during the installation. Choosing custom installation settings in such a case is advisable as it helps you to monitor exactly what programs you are installing through the installation. Here you can choose to deselect any additional or unwanted programs that you my not want to install. There options for deselecting the installation of Awesomehp search toolbar and using Awesomehp search as your default search engine. You will not even be aware of the Awesomehp until it hijacks your browsers and make settings that you cannot change. It changes your default search engine and sets as your default homepage, and locks these in with a lock file. This lock will prevent you from making any further changes in these settings and will also disable you from reverting back to the original settings of choice. Awesomehp has other more malicious traits like downloading other malicious programs on your system without your knowledge and consent. It does so in the background increasing the degree of infection of the system and also up-ing the risk of data theft. Awesomehp also gathers all your search history and browsing data to make it available to advertisers. You will then be redirected to various sponsored links and websites, adverts and pop-ups each time you conduct a search. It is greatly annoying as it causes major disruption of work, slows the system down considerably, and may even cause the browsers to crash. It is highly recommended that this malware be deleted from the system the moment its presence is detected.

Delete Awesomehp Search Engine

Awesomehp is fairly easy to remove, the first step being its deletion from the Add & Remove programs list in the Control Panel. You must uninstall the program from the Control Panel first, as otherwise you will not be able to make any changes to the browsers or toolbars. Since Awesomehp infects all browsers separately, you will need to manually remove the Awesomehp search toolbar from each of them. If you have Mozilla, Chrome and IE, you need to repeat the same process thrice. You must change the default search engine and homepage of your choice. Then you will need to clear all browsing history, cache and cookies from the very beginning as there could be infected cookies. You will also have to delete any extensions in the internet browsers and browser shortcuts to prevent any Awesomehp relapses. You should then disable the Awesomehp search toolbar in each browser to remove the additional and disruptive toolbar. An illustrative step by step guide to permanently delete Awesomehp from your system is available at Awesomehp Removal Guide .

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