Remove Homepage is a very annoying browser hijacker. Please, follow each step of the instructions in the below video and you’ll find out how to remove from your computer. delete is very important to your computer safety and you have to make sure you completely remove awesomehp as you privacy might be compromised. More … Read more Removal Guide (Manual and Automatic)

How to Remove Awesomehp (Uninstall Guide) The removal can be tricky. This search engine is classified as a browser hijacker that is usually promoted and installed as a bundle included in free programs. It installs silently and changes your browser homepage after a restart to and your default search engine to This is not technically … Read more

Permanently Remove Search Conduit

Remove Conduit Search Virus – Manual and Automatic Removal Guide The Conduit Search engine is a browser hijacker that is usually promoted and installed as a bundle included in free programs. It installs silently and changes your browser homepage after a restart to search.conduit and your default search engine to search.conduit. This is not technically a virus, … Read more

Speed Up Windows 8

This is an extensive article about how to Speed Up your Windows 8 tremendously. This guide is also applicable for Windows 8.1 This includes disabling of unnecessary fancy effects such as animations, shadows, etc. Also, you will disable potentially unwanted programs and services that are set to run automatically. Contents: Step 1: Make Windows 8 Faster … Read more

How to Remove

How to Remove Malware A Malicious Software[1] developed to  gather private information or conceal unwanted activities in the computer system is called for short Malware[2][3]. The definition term includes Computer Viruses[4], Rogue Security Software[5] (Scareware[6]), Ransomware[7], Computer Worms[8], Trojan Horses[9],  Rootkits[10], Keyloggers[11], Dialers[12], Spyware[13], Adware[14], Malicious Browser Helper Objects[15] and Govware[16]. These programs can cause your device to crash and can be used … Read more

How to Fix Black Screen of Death in Windows 8.1 or Windows 8

Fix Black Screen of Death in Windows Some people reported an annoying problem of Windows 8 bumping into Back screen after it boots because of an error without any message or problem description. This is probably an issue with incompatible software update or because of a corruption of device drivers. The presented step by step … Read more

How to Uninstall Windows 8.1

The easiest way to uninstall your Windows 8.1 upgrade is not to do it in the first place. Microsoft really wanted the mouse and the keyboard users to feel comfortable with modern apps. However, unpleasant mouse problems immediately frustrated many gamers. The 8.1 update doesn’t appear to remove the Metro interface and the stylish applications completely, but … Read more

How to Download DirectX 11.2


Since Windows 8.1 was released, it was rumored that it will be integrated with an updated version of DirectX utility. It was confirmed by Microsoft that DirectX 11.2 will be accompanying the new Windows 8.1.  What is DirectX 11.2 This time Microsoft really turn their attention to the graphics and appearances. DirectX 11.2 will improve vastly … Read more

No Internet Access in Windows 8 (Limited Connectivity)

Do you often see an exclamation mark saying limited connectivity in your Windows 8.1? Windows 8.1 is in the store and users are anxiously updating from their old Operating Systems to the supposedly better one. However, the excitement often turns into an unpleasant surprise when the process is hanged during installation or any of your … Read more

Hackers Can Utilize a Speech Recognition Vulnerability in Chrome to Spy on You

The newly developed speech recognition goodies  in Chrome can actually work against you as Google is trying hard to push the incorporation of speech recognition features into Web apps. The exploit was discovered by Tal Ater a developer who bumped on it while working on a JavaScript Speech Recognition library. The method requires a switching on your microphone … Read more