Remove Trojan:Win32/Skeeyah (Complete Removal)

Trojan:Win32/Skeeyah just keeps popping up and you cannot remove it? As the name suggests, if you have the Trojan:Win32/Skeeyah infection on your computer, you’re one of the unlucky web users, who’ve managed to catch a Trojan. Trojans are, arguably, the most notorious and dreaded cyber infections. That’s because they bring destruction in their wake. Yes, … Read more

Remove Trojan.multi.genautoruntask (Complete Removal)

Trojan.multi.genautoruntask just keeps popping up and you cannot remove it? Trojan horses are known to be a particularly harmful type of virtual infection. They are sneaky, very resourceful, impressively aggressive and extremely dangerous. In today’s article we tackle one of the many Trojans out there named Trojan.multi.genautoruntask. Quite a mouthful, isn’t it? Once this program … Read more

Remove Exploit.swf_c.bac Trojan Horse (Complete Removal)

Exploit.swf_c.bac just keeps popping up and you cannot remove it? Exploit.swf_c.bac is a problematic Trojan horse. And, just as the name suggests, this parasite will exploit your PC system. Remember – there is a reason why Trojans are considered to be among the most virulent types of cyber infections out there. Numerous reasons, actually. This … Read more

How to Remove Dynamer Virus

Dynamer just keeps popping up and you cannot remove it? Long story short, Dynamer is a program you certainly don’t want to have on your computer. And, if you ended up infected with it, you already know why. This is a classic Trojan horse. Do you know how Trojans work? If not, it’s highly recommended … Read more

How to Remove Hadsruda bit Virus

Hadsruda bit just keeps popping up and you cannot remove it? The Hadsruda bit virus has been classified as a Trojan horse. And Trojans are among the most  harmful, tricky and problematic types of PC infections that you could possibly stumble across online. Long story short, you’re in for trouble. Once it gets installed, Hadsruda … Read more

How to Remove Dridex Trojan Horse

Just received a Word or Excel document with Dridex virus? Dridex is a malicious Trojan virus, that can steal personal information through HTML injections. It’s a threat you shouldn’t take lightly as it’s capable of inflicting some pretty severe damages to your system. Don’t underestimate the scope of the problems the presence of this infection … Read more